The composer of 'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark' advances that reminds Spielberg and Amblin

copyrightThe composer of 'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark' advances that reminds Spielberg and Amblin

The horror film that adapts Alvin Schwartz's children's books opens this Friday with Guillermo del Toro as a producer.

This Friday, August 9, the horror movie Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, the new by André Øvredal (Project: Troll Hunter) with Guillermo del Toro (The shape of water) as a producer and also in the work of script with brothers Dan and Kevin Hageman. The film brings Alvin Schwartz's chilling children's books to the big screen and respects Stephen Gammell's nightmare illustrations in his style. Øvredal himself has recognized that he drinks from the current genre releases, but also from the classic Amblin titles. And this is an idea that has also underlined, in a conversation with Forbes, the composer Anna Drubich (Anna Karenina, Bolshoy).


"From the very first screening it was clear that the film already had a very specific atmosphere and style, as well as an obvious artistic message," says Drubich, who has been in charge of music with the two-time Oscar nominee Marco Beltrami (On land hostile, The train at 3:10). "Music just had to sharpen all this and go along with what was already there." Both the director and Guillermo del Toro knew that, as is also the case with Gammell's original illustrations, music was going to play a fundamental role in the long. "Marco and I looked at each other and realized that I needed macabre and orchestral music. The film was like a tribute to Amblin de Spielberg's films and other great classics. So we also had to take that into account in music.".

But Drubich also highlights the connection that Øvredal feels with music and the importance he places on his work. "He is not afraid to use music and firmly believes that he is part of the film. He is a master of suspense and knows how to get the most out of the score ... He loves John Williams (Star Wars) and Jerry Goldsmith (Star Trek ) and I really wanted us to be free to go that way. "

E.T. The extraterrestrial (1982), Gremlins (1984), The Goonies (1985) ... As with these, the classic touch of Scary Stories begins to be noticed already in its setting. It is the year 1968 and the small town of Mill Valley has been able to resist the changes in the rest of the United States. The Bellows family remains the most important clan in the territory and it was in their mansion where Sarah, a young woman with frightful secrets, turned her nightmares into horrifying tales. A scarecrow, a corpse that wants to recover a finger, a pale woman ... All those cartoons become real when, without knowing the consequences, a group of teenagers read Sarah's scary book. Remember: Scary stories to tell in the dark, whose trailer you have upstairs, in theaters this Friday.


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