Praise for Angry Birds 2: Are we expecting the best video game movie ever

copyrightPraise for Angry Birds 2: Are we expecting the best video game movie ever

Before "Angry Birds 2" will be released in German cinemas next month, the expectations for the sequel are already rising: on the critics' platform Rotten Tomatoes, he is currently being voted the best-rated video game film adaptation ...

Not "Tomb Raider", not "Resident Evil", not "Master Detective Pikachu", but "Angry Birds 2" is the best video game adaptation of all time - at least, when it comes to the critics rating platform Rotten Tomatoes. The second "Angry Birds" film currently holds on the Tomatometer namely at 82%, after 28 published reviews (as of August 8, 2019) and is, therefore - to put it in the words of the website - pretty "fresh".

Of course, however, it should not be forgotten that the numbers are only of limited significance at the present time. But even if this quite respectable value with more reviews in the coming weeks is likely to sink, that is already a really strong start - also to attract moviegoers. The critics are above all unanimous that "Angry Birds 2" makes the predecessor, by comparison, look old and especially praise the humor, the music, and the (English) synchronous performances.

In "Angry Birds 2", the peaceful birds have to team up with their archenemies, the devious green pigs, to command the common adversary: ​​the nasty Zeta. Because they want to usher in a new ice age, which threatens the birds and pigs alike ...

But not only in the English original, the main characters are spoken by famous stars (including Jason Sudeikis and Josh Gad), but also in Germany: Christoph Maria Herbst ("Stromberg") is Red, Anke Engelke ("The Wixxer") speaks Silva and Christiane Paul ("Our Mothers, Our Fathers") lends Zeta her voice. Also present: Axel Stein ("The goldfish"), Axel Prahl ("Tatort Münster"), Anja Kling ("(T) Spaceship Surprise - Period 1"), Studio ("Vorstadtkrokodile") and Ralf Schmitz ("7 Dwarfs - Men alone in the woods ").

By the way, in our podcast, we are looking for the best video game movie adaptation, or rather the least bad. How our search is going so far, you can listen to here in the first two episodes to "Doom" and "Assasin's Creed":


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