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They say the second part was never good. They also say that video game-based movies tend to be a failure... Well, on August 23, Angry Birds 2 arrives at our cinemas to prove that all that is a lie. This time at the baton we have Thurop Van Orman, John Rice, and Chris Savino. A trio that, together with the scriptwriter Peter Ackerman, has managed to turn it around that these dear beings needed.

Angry Birds, the game of Rovio Entertainment Ltd., saw the light on our mobile devices in 2009. No less than 10 years have passed since we met the colorful birds angry with the green pigs that kept bothering them. Quickly, success came as an addictive game for all ages. And, of course, if there are children in the equation, merchandising is the result. No place in the world didn't know the pissed off red bird and the green foolish pig.

That is why nobody was surprised that in 2016 an Angry Birds animation movie arrived, with a good plot but above all with spectacular animation. Bird Island was a reality, as was Pig Island. His characters came alive, past-present and future. And the best: incredible voices. Numerous famous actors lent their voices to this great cast of biscuits.

At this point, with the number of new series and games that come out continuously, perhaps we all believed that the Angry Birds were forgotten ... but we inform you that they are more alive than ever. And although the box office success has not accompanied them to the other side of the puddle, we can assure you that Angry Birds 2 is a movie that you can not miss. And we will show you.

To start, the plot has left us stunned. Let's be honest: it's a children's movie, but are you sure it's just kids? No. It is a film that finally shows the heart of "for all audiences." And it is that both children and adults in the room have laughed equally and enjoyed every minute of footage, dotted with great lessons with a touch of humor.

Red, after the events of the first film, is the hero that every Bird Island worships. Save every day together with your friends to all the inhabitants of the beautiful Island of the tricks of their neighbor's pigs. But one day they ask for a truce ... there is a third island at stake, and it goes for both. An ice island inhabited by eagles has declared war based on ice meteorites. On this occasion, the enemies will have to become friends and join forces against the threat to save everyone.

The script has been elaborated with so much tino that they do not leave a second of boredom or stuffing. The whole adventure is perfectly compensated as far as rhythm is concerned, combining great elements: brutal dialogues, jokes with a lot of art for all ages and reading levels, a genius of decisions and a fair and necessary amount of very intelligent action scenes.

As for the animation, we must take off the heat. It has evolved and we have an impressive quality on the screen. Angry Birds 2 is presented as a walkway of feathers, hair, sand, sea, and ice that leaves anyone amazed. Go past! Red, Chuck, and Boom seem so real that they want to jump to hug them.

But one of the keys to this movie is the rhythm that it has. The entire film is dotted with real songs, songs from all eras that will make the young and old move the skeleton to the sound of feathers and curly tails. It has not been unusual to see my nephews, with whom I have had the pleasure of seeing her, dancing in their seats while laughing out loud. And it is that true humor is not the most intelligent, if not the most accessible to all.

Of course, we must recognize that the icing on the cake that supports this film is, without a doubt, the dubbing. The people who hide behind spikes and round noses are the architects of the magic formula making such an impressive effect on the screen. We are talking about Santiago Segura, José Mota, Carlos Kaniowsky, Cristina Castaño, Alex de la Iglesia, Luis Bajo... and a long, etc that give character to each character they give life and soul to.

So you know, as a summer climax, a point on your agendas go to the movies with the little ones to see Angry Birds 2 on August 23. The joy of watching them enjoy this movie will fall short when you discover that they also enjoy watching you laugh with these colorful beings.

Honestly, Angry Birds 2 is not at all as we imagined. We were waiting for one more movie for children of the angry old birds, and we found an entertaining, fun and surprising animated movie from beginning to end. Birds and pigs are more alive than ever. They have a great soundtrack, and voices that breathe into them the soul necessary to re-invade the imagination of the little ones, and draw a smile on the older ones.


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