Rian Johnson explains why he took so much risk with Star Wars: The Last Jedi

copyrightRian Johnson explains why he took so much risk with Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The filmmaker had to face a lot of criticism from fans.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is possibly the movie with the most divided criticism of recent years. The second installment of the new trilogy presented the Jedis in a vulnerable situation and Luke ended up losing his life. This element, among many others, was what caused the discontent of some followers.

Now, Rian Johnson, the filmmaker responsible for the film, has revealed in an interview, collected by CinemaBlend, why he made such risky decisions.

I think that the moment you start thinking about how not to go beyond the limits of what the original films marked, you are not thinking as the first creators did. They were in each film, forcing the limits, with each film they went beyond those limits, took the characters to new places, emotionally honest, but surprising

"That's why those movies are great. That's why they're alive. If they had watched something thinking," Oh, we better not do it because it's out of place "would have been different," Johnson continues.

Daisy Ridley, the film's main actress, has recently stated that she was not surprised by the negative reviews. "It's just something different. Anyway, everyone is going to have an opinion on the internet now. But I also think it's reasonable. If people have a huge love for something and think they know how it should be and isn't, [so] it's reasonable that they think they did it wrong, "says the actress.

We do not know how these words will be taken by fans of Star Wars angrier, but they already made it clear that they do not want to see many novelties in the franchise. When Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released in 2017, a fan request was organized to eliminate Episode VIII of the canon - that is, what happens on the tape does not affect the rest of the franchise -, mainly motivated by fate from Luke (Mark Hamill). The campaign reached more than 100,000 signatures.


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