Deep Blue Sea 3 is a reality and could go straight to Netflix

copyrightDeep Blue Sea 3 is a reality and could go straight to Netflix

The story of smart sharks that was born in 1999 by Renny Harlin returns to the platform in streaming.

If you are a lover of action and sharks, you'll love knowing that Deep Blue Sea 3 is already confirmed, according to Production Weekly. The third part of the blockbuster of the summer of 1999 will arrive a year after the release of the second installment and everything seems to point to its premiere directly on Netflix.

Deep Blue Sea, directed by Renny Harlin, became, at the time, a very profitable production for Warner Bros. In search of a cure for Alzéimer, scientist Susan McAlester begins to genetically modify a group of sharks held in captivity.

In the middle of the investigation, something goes wrong and the floating laboratory becomes a nest of killing machines: fast, lethal sharks and with an intelligence superior to that of the human being. A story that, in those years, was somewhat innovative and that, over the years, made its way to the top of the classification within the genre. Although always below Shark, the film directed by Steven Spielberg.

However, the sequel directed by Darin Scott, which premiered last year, was not as successful as its predecessor. The sharks of Deep Blue Sea 2 were not much acclaimed by critics, in addition to a series of elements that collaborated to create a story too exaggerated for a public more accustomed to seeing aquatic monsters on the big screen.

At the moment, it is not known if Scott will return to direct Deep Blue Sea 3, nor what story he will address. Likewise, the details of the technical team or the cast are unknown. Although it would be no surprise that any of the protagonists who survived in Deep Blue Sea 2 again starred in this third installment.

If you don't remember how the story of smart sharks began, on these lines you have the Deep Blue Sea trailer.


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