Quentin Tarantino's farewell movie could become a horror shocker


After "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood", which starts on 15 August 2019, Quentin Tarantino wants to stage only one single film. As he just revealed, it could be a horror movie - maybe because of a scene from "Once Upon A Time" ...

Master-director Quentin Tarantino talks in interviews about possible upcoming projects, about ideas and wishes that fly around in his head. None of this is a compulsory movie announcement - but it has been confirmed that Tarantino by no means just rumlabert, but have become from some of these ideas actually movies. His next directorial project will be followed with particular attention: It will be his last movie.

Although Tarantino does not rule out completely after this tenth project (he counts the "Kill Bill" parts as a movie) but again in the director's chair, in recent interviews but he sounds quite decided: Ten films are a good number to retire as a director and instead write books and start a family. On the current press tour of his ninth film, The Sixties Tribute "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, Tarantino talked about his farewell work - and he promised a genre that he has never done as a director worked properly: horror!


The video for this interview has since been taken offline, so we rely on the textualization of the colleagues, u. a. at Slashfilm finds:

"If I think of a great story for a horror movie, it will be my tenth movie. I love horror movies. I would love to make a horror movie. "


One can argue for a long time about whether Tarantino with his Grindhouse ripper "Death Proof" is not already a horror film staged: Kurt Russell hunts young women here, which he kills with and in his car. But the quote above does not read as though Tarantino would classify "Death Proof" into this category - but rather sounds like the tenth movie could become his first horror movie. But it is also a waste. What matters: Tarantino (who incidentally wrote the screenplay for the vampire horror "From Dusk Till Dawn") loves the genre - and has already made trips in his previous films. This includes "Once Upon a Time In Hollywood", although he did not notice it at first.


It's about the scene where stuntman Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) goes to the rundown Spahn Ranch of the murderous Manson Commune. Do not worry, Tarantino does not spoil the following quote:

"I think the Spahn Ranch scene comes closest to a horror sequence because I think it's vaguely scary. And honestly, I did not even realize how well we did it until my editor told me. "

Cutter Fred Raskin described the scene as ", Texas Chainsaw Massacre 'inexpensive" and this is fully true: like in the super favorably produced terror classic, there is an eerie mood in the air in this ranch sequence that something terrible happens in no man's land,

Kind of nasty: Tarantino fans are now spoiled for choice, whether they're hoping for a horror movie, the promised: "Star Trek" movie, "Kill Bill 3" or something completely unexpected.

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