For controversial new series of Game Of Thrones authors: HBO pulls the plug on Confederate

copyrightFor controversial new series of Game Of Thrones authors: HBO pulls the plug on Confederate

It has just been announced that the "Game Of Thrones" authors David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have concluded a mega-deal with Netflix. On their "Star Wars" plans this has no effect on their planned HBO series already.

For many years pay-TV channels HBO and author duo David Benioff and D.B. Weiss worked together successfully and created with "Game Of Thrones" a series that was watched all over the world and above all much discussed. But this collaboration is finally over. Both sides go their separate ways, the already highly controversial series "Confederate" will therefore probably not come.

This news comes shortly after the announcement that Benioff and Weiss have signed a mega-deal with streaming platform Netflix and will develop new series and films exclusively there in the future. As part of the announcement of the deal, it was said that the only exception is the projects that are already in the works - such as a "Star Wars" series of films on which the duo works. Confederate would also have fallen under this exemption. 

But as the industry insiders of Vulture report, they have received word of confirmation from several sources that Benioff and Weiss at HBO have no projects in the works. And that means: The pay-TV channel has pulled the plug at "Confederate".


Perhaps HBO has just taken advantage of the opportunity to quietly bury a project that has been given a lot of criticism anyway and that has kept a lot of silence in the recent past. In the summer of 2017, "Confederate" was announced with much fanfare big as a new series by Benioff and Weiss after the end of "Game Of Thrones". 

Shown was an alternative reality in which the Southern states won the American Civil War and were able to found their own nation. In slavery is still legal and is also operated in the modern age.

Under the hashtag #, NoConfederate broke on Twitter a protest storm. Many considered it questionable in the current political climate to make a series in which slavery is happening in the present. But "Confederate" is not only controversial because of that. Since the very controversial end of "Game Of Thrones", there are also many voices that do not want to see any series by Benioff and Weiss. 

The authors are not trusted by these persons to be able to develop a good own story. In any case, "Confederate" would have been watched with special eagle eyes due to the sensitive topic and criticism of the authors after the "Game Of Thrones" finale. This has been withdrawn at HBO now.


If "Confederate" is close to the heart of the author duo, then, of course, you can take their alternative history series to Netflix. Whether this is possible, of course, depends on the specific contract design with HBO. As the pay-TV broadcaster itself does not show any interest, it would, of course, be conceivable to assign your own rights to competitor Netflix for a sum of money and thus clear the way.

But that is still future music. So far, David Benioff and D.B. Do not tell Weiss what they're going to do to Netflix. Only leaked is that Netflix will have exclusive contracts with her and her production company for several years, costing $ 200 million.


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