Kevin Feige reveals that no special measures were taken so that Mark Ruffalo or Tom Holland did not spoilers

copyrightKevin Feige reveals that no special measures were taken so that Mark Ruffalo or Tom Holland did not spoilers

The head of Marvel Studios commented on it in a recent interview with Empire.

Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland are the two actors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe who have made the most leaks in the press and television programs, so it is normal to wonder if Marvel Studios took any type of measure to avoid these leaks.

As Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, said in an interview with Empire, these two actors have kept more secrets than they have revealed and no special measures were taken so that they did not leak anything to the press.

The truth is that Tom is amazing and has kept many secrets. Around the time two million said that he was terrible at keeping secrets, he approached me and said: "You know, I keep many secrets ..." I know, but now it's a fun thing, so let's lean on it. And he will leave and filter something else. We do not take any special measures for Tom or Mark Ruffalo, who has a tendency to let his phone record at all times in all places. But they are so lovely that you can't get mad at them.

The moments when one of these two actors has lost their tongue when talking about their films have been quite funny, including when the Russo brothers pretended to fire Ruffalo. And while Tom Holland is the one we remember the most by filtering details in his Instagram or in interviews, we must not forget that the actor who brings Hulk to life transmitted the first ten minutes of Thor: Ragnarok on Instagram without realizing it.


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