The last 7 movies: The program for the Fantasy Filmfest 2019 is complete!

copyrightThe last 7 movies: The program for the Fantasy Filmfest 2019 is complete!

From the 4th to the 29th of September 2019, the Fantasy Filmfest returns to seven German cities. Here you will first find out which remaining tracks complete this year's program of horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and thriller fare.

Also, this year FILM STARTS is again official media partner of the Fantasy Filmfest, which takes place from 4 to 29 September in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, Nuremberg, and Stuttgart. After having presented you with numerous titles in the past few weeks, which will be screened at the festival in 2019, about one month before the beginning of the event, the last films of the usual broadly diversified program are now available.


With "Making Monsters", the Fantasy Filmfest also has another world premiere this year. Apart from the fact that we see in it, as for an Internet celebrity couple (Tim Loden and Alana Elmer) after a wild party night, the hell breaks loose, but so far little is known about the Canadian contribution. But of course, it's all the more exciting, together with other genre lovers completely unsophisticated and the first in the world to plunge into a cinema adventure.


In addition to "The Witness" there is at the Fantasy Film Festival 2019 with "Door Lock" directly yet another Korean paranoia thriller in which your own four walls no longer seem to offer the security that you would like. The main character in the remake of the Spanish movie "Sleep Tight" is the young Kyung-min (Hyo-Jin Kong), who lives alone in a small apartment in Seoul and is firmly convinced that she is being watched by a stranger.


The phrase "Not every home is a home" would undoubtedly go well with the previous title "Door Lock", but is the official tagline of the horror thriller "Girl On The Third Floor". In feature film directorial debut by indie producer Travis Stevens ("Buster's Mal Heart"), aspiring father Don (ex-wrestler CM Punk) tries to revive a dilapidated house with a dismal past to make his growing family a beautiful home to offer. But the house itself seems to have other plans.


In "Mope" newcomer Lucas Heyne tells the tragic yet absurdly funny true story of two best friends Steve Driver (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) and Tom Dong (Kelly Sry), who wanted to achieve fame as porn actor, in the end but rather brought to dubious fame by their failure and subsequent concatenation of whimsical-shocking events. The ordeal that they are incited to in the following film excerpt is, in any case, nothing compared to what they later expected.


"Open Water" sends its regards - even though the danger in the thriller comedy "Harpoon" comes not so much from the sea and its creatures as from the humans themselves. When the three best friends Jonah (Munro Chambers), Richard (Christopher Gray) and Sasha (Emily Tyra) are stuck on a yacht in the middle of the ocean, it is not long before they find themselves in the midst of sexual tension and gloomy secrets gradually come to light, go to each other's throats.


Cameron Macgowan, a Canadian, has made several short films worldwide at international festivals. Now, as the director and author of "Red Letter Day", he has been trying for the first time on a longer work whose premise promises to be an interesting thriller scenario: paranoia and complete chaos erupt in a typically quiet suburban community, among its inhabitants all sorts of puzzling red letters with deadly instructions flutter into the houses.

"Sometime Later" is quite an understatement as the title of the new film by 72-year-old Spaniard José Luis Cuerda ("Los Girasoles Ciegos"), but the sci-fi comedy takes the viewer to the distant future of 9177, in which of the clearly divided into two classes humanity apparently only a lonely skyscraper in the middle of the desert and an adjacent forest are left. While the rich in the skyscraper let themselves go, the rest of a short-lived existence before the gates. But the order is turned upside down when the tough José María (Roberto Álamo) decides to sell homemade lemonade.

The Fantasy Filmfest 2019 will be completed by the FILM STARTS to GET SHORTY Short Film Competition and the German premiere episode "New Year, New You" by genre expert Jason Blum ("Get Out", "The Purge"). ) co-produced horror anthology series "Into The Dark", which runs from 5 September 2019 in this country pay-TV channel AXN and in which each of the completed episodes are inspired by another holiday.


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