New on Netflix: After 20 Years there is a sequel to one of the most iconic series of the 90s

copyrightNew on Netflix: After 20 Years there is a sequel to one of the most iconic series of the 90s

After two decades, in "Rocko's modern life: Everything stays different", there is finally a reunion with the equally iconic and timid Wallaby. Also available is Season 3 of the great wrestling series "GLOW".

A neurotic Wallaby in exile, an unemployed bull raised by wolves and a turtle with horn-rimmed glasses in a caravan - that is the central figure inventory from the series "Rocko's Modern Life", which started on Nickelodeon in 1995. Now, on Netflix, there's the one-hour special "Rocko's Modern Life: Everything Remains Different," in which Rocko and his friends return to outer space after 25 years in a wacky 2019 version of their town of O-Town, whose newfangled touch-screen design Cell Phones, Energy Drinks and Coffee Shops Rocko do not like at all. The series is known for its sometimes socially critical and progressive tone, which was more aimed at adults.

It's fitting that creator Joe Murray introduces a transgender person into the cartoon universe with Rachel Bighead, formerly Ralph Bighead, not just in passing: Rocko has to persuade Rachel, his favorite series, The Fatheads, that she once had invented to bring back to TV. But her parents have lost touch with her since she embarked on a journey of discovery. Murray was involved in a sensitive approach to the issue, which is why he has agreed, inter alia, with the LGBT organization GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)

Similarly progressive is also in the series "GLOW" of which has now released Season 3 new. The series about an unsuccessful actress (Alison Brie), who tries for money as a TV wrestler mixes glamor, kitsch, and drama with the question of how much of the feminism of the 70s in the 80s has remained. It is considered by many to be one of the best series of 2017 and was praised especially for the script and the precise picture of the times. Our third season review can be found here:

The Spanish series "The Telephonists", from which you can now see Season 4, also deals with a related topic. In the Madrid of the 1920s, a telephone company was founded as a major technical innovation - and this includes, in principle, a telephone operator's job carried out by women. Although such places are much sought-after, the lucky ones have to fight through a male-dominated world of work, even if their society is changing. Soon they find out how they can influence their position.

Political influence is also in "The Family", whose first season is available from today. The documentary series revolves around a Christian secret organization, created by Washington D.C. her network around the world tense and possibly in the person of Donald Trump has found a potent partner.

Also, brand new is "Sintonia" - a Brazilian series about three teenagers growing up in São Paulo between religion, music, and drugs. While for some the stage is a way out of the quagmire, the other one descends into a hard-hitting criminal existence.

In addition to this offer aimed at adults and adolescents, there are also new series feeds for children: The series "Sprit: Wild und Frei" about the young Lucky, her Mustang Spirit and Lucky's friends Pru and Abigail will be equipped with a spin-off "Spirit: Wild and free - horse stories". Also new is "Die Kinderdetektei", in which four school friends solve exciting cases and document their observations via video blog ...


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