Game Of Thrones: This star did not agree with the finale at all

copyrightGame Of Thrones: This star did not agree with the finale at all

The eighth and final season of "Game Of Thrones" was long-awaited and ultimately disappointed many viewers. But not only the fans had a lot to complain about at the end of the fantasy series ...

Although the year is not over yet, the end of the fantasy series "Game Of Thrones" will remain the biggest TV disappointment of the year for some fans. The eighth and final season of the HBO production has even spawned a big fan petition calling for reworking the latest episodes. 

Of course, in vain. But not only the spectators were disappointed with the final. A "Game Of Thrones" actress has now vented her anger officially.


In the Yahoo podcast White Wine Question Time, actress Natalia Tena ("Origin"), who played the wildling wife Osha in "Game Of Thrones", talks about the final episode of the series and her great disappointment.

"I had a couple of glasses of wine when I looked at it. I watched the whole season in one piece ", Tena describes the situation and adds that she was so upset afterward that her boyfriend had to leave the houseboat. A little later she even called him to complain to him.


Tena also explains that she did not find everything bad in the last season. To the point where Arya (Maisie Williams) kills the Night King, she liked the plot. Then it went downhill, however: "I just did not understand it. The way the story was written to the end and how they wrapped the pass. Especially compared to the other squadrons: It felt like different people had written things ".

Tena is not alone with this opinion. Numerous fans saw the same thing and would have liked another end. And theoretically, they could get that too. Although the HBO series is complete, the underlying novel series by George R.R. Martin is not finished yet. Maybe there are some surprises left on the paper ...


Also, Cersei actress Lena Headey has already expressed her criticism of the series finale in public. She was not satisfied with the way her character died. She was very disappointed with her serial death, she told the Guardian in an interview.

The same thing happened to Conleth Hill, who played the master of the Whisperers Varys in "Game Of Thrones" and was seen in numerous episodes. He was personally hurt by the death of his role and his path there, he told Entertainment Weekly.


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