After angry Trump tweets: the theatrical release of 'The Hunt' canceled

copyrightAfter angry Trump tweets: the theatrical release of 'The Hunt' canceled

Actually, "The Hunt" should start in September in the US cinemas. But because many conservatives including Donald Trump protested against it, Universal has now canceled the launch of the brutal horror satire.

After another series of rampage in the US, killing more than 30 people in recent weeks, the debate over racism and overly loose gun laws flared up again. The discussion has now also on Hollywood, more specifically on the movie "The Hunt" with Hilary Swank ("Million Dollar Baby"). The brutal social satire is about bored liberal (!) Rich gathering in a remote country house and chasing down conservative ordinary people. Behind the bloody facade lies a critique of the social divide in the United States.

Against the background of the current mass murders, a film with a theme like "The Hunt" naturally causes a stir. After the marketing campaign was put on hold last week, Studio Universal now goes one step further and has postponed indefinitely the US theatrical release scheduled for September 27, 2019, as The Hollywood Reporter reports.

"After careful consideration, we decided to cancel our release plans for the film," Universal said in an official statement, "We stand behind our filmmakers and will continue to make films with such courageous and visionary people as we do in this satirical social Thriller, but we understand that it's not the time to release the movie. "


The cancellation of the theatrical release of "The Hunt" is probably only a secondary consequence of the debate over gun violence. The counter-wall mainly comes from conservative circles, from people who are also simultaneously against stricter weapons laws. Even US President Donald Trump intervened on his favorite Twitter medium and attacked the movie (without directly mentioning the title) and Hollywood at the same time: "The liberal Hollywood is at the highest level racist and full of anger and hatred! [...] The movie that is about to come out soon was made to cause chaos. They create their own power and then blame others for it. These are the true racists, they are very bad for our country, "Trump laments.

The president has himself been heavily criticized after the bloodbaths of recent weeks for what he now accuses "The Hunt": that he incites violence with his racist and inciting rhetoric. These tweets he has simply mirrored these allegations and transferred to the film and the "liberal Hollywood", one of his favorite enemies.

And for many of the other conservatives who protested against the launch of "The Hunt," the film was gorging. Because of the many fatalities, it was again loudly discussed that the gun laws in the US have to be tightened finally, but unfortunately, not all of them see it that way. And how can one distract from this better than by creating a new image of the enemy? It does not need to be mentioned that it is quite absurd that a film that deals satirically with armed force should not be shown, whereas in the USA you can even buy machine guns in supermarkets.

While it is criticized in the social networks, especially by filmmakers of course that Universal censored with the cancellation of the theatrical release, so to speak, some comments can not fail to notice how absurd it is that just protesting against the film. Because there are conservatives who are hunted here by liberals, but it is due to the genre rules on hand (and is also shown in the trailer in the first seconds) that the hunted will turn the tables. The Conservatives are actually the good heroes in this film, the liberals the bad guys.


So far, only the US theatrical release of "The Hunt" canceled, in this country, the film from the hit Blumhouse ("Get Out", "The Purge") on 28 November 2019 start. At Universal, we asked if the German start was canceled or postponed, but there is currently no information available.

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