Little Monsters: Bloody German trailer for the kindergarten zombie comedy

copyrightLittle Monsters: Bloody German trailer for the kindergarten zombie comedy

The defense of bloodthirsty zombies becomes much more difficult if it still has to take care of a whole kindergarten crowd. The German trailer for the horror-comedy "Little Monsters" shows how exactly this works.

Anyone who always wanted to know how a lifeblood kindergarten teacher defends their protégés effectively against hungry zombie hordes has been empty. But director and author Abe Forsythe ("Down Under") ends this abuse with his zombie comedy "Little Monsters". The German trailer promises: It is uncompromisingly brutal and with a childlike rhythm: "If you're happy, then clap your hands."


After the separation from his girlfriend, the unsuccessful musician Dave (Alexander England) ends up in the apartment of his sister without any perspective and love of life. But it does not take long for him to keep an eye on the charismatic teacher Miss Caroline (Lupita Nyong'o). 

So he accompanies his nephew on the next best occasion on a trip to a rural amusement park. If he is initially very annoyed by the presence of the greasy children's TV stars Teddy McGiggles (Josh Gad), approaching Zombiemassen to blow up his expectations.

"Litte Monsters" starts on August 29, 2019, in the cinemas.


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