'The lion king': Scar and Mufasa are not true brothers and we have to accept it

copyright'The lion king': Scar and Mufasa are not true brothers and we have to accept it

The lion king has returned to the big screen thanks to the hyper-realistic version of Jon Favreau. All those who have grown up with Simba and Nala have gone to the movie theaters willing to remember their history - that is what the almost 600 million dollars they have raised seem to say - and, leaving aside the opinions about the film The truth is that adult eyes see things that we didn't realize when we were little.

HelloGiggles has been able to speak with Rob Minkoff and Don Hahn, director, and producer of the animation classic, and has discovered that Scar and Mufasa are not brothers. At least, they couldn't have been in real life. "[While we were making the movie] we talked about the fact that Scar and Mufasa were very unlikely to have the same parents. The way lions behave freely ... When the male lion gets older, another lion arrives and kill the leader of the pack. This causes the females to prepare for reproduction and then the young lion kills the king and then the babies. Now he is the new lion that rules in the pack. "

We are sorry, 'The endless cycle' is what commands and we have to accept that in nature, Simba would have killed Mufasa.

Therefore, since it was impossible for two male lions of the same parents to exist in the same pack, Minkoff and Hahn found a way to make it possible by following the rules of natural balance:

We always think about how we could have two male lions. Occasionally, there are herds that have two male lions. It is an interesting dynamic because they are not equal [they do not have the same parents], a lion will always be in the shadows. We tried to use those real things about animals to create the story, so we thought that Scar and Mufasa couldn't be in the same group of genes
Now that we know a little about what this story would have been like in real life, Mufasa's behavior with the current king of the jungle and his obsession with reaching power is better understood. In an interview that SensaCine could have with Chiwetel Ejiofor, this revelation that tried to understand the reasons of the villain: "Definitely, I tried to get inside and understand Scar's psychology. Discover why he does what he does. Why he behaves in such a way despicable and terrible. Try to guess the relationship ... the addiction you have with social position and power. "

The lion king still continues in cinemas.


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