Stranger Things season 3 Neverending Challenge in Spanish

copyrightStranger Things season 3 Neverending Challenge in Spanish

Jordi Cruz appears in the #NeverendingChallenge Netflix video after his version of the famous 'Stranger Things' scene goes viral

The Spanish actor and presenter became famous after presenting Art Attack.

The Spanish actor and presenter Jordi Cruz has appeared in a montage of the official Netflix account about the famous #NeverendingChallenge challenge that has led to the famous scene of Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Suzie (Gabriella Pizzolo) in the third installment of Stranger Things

The success of the platform starring Millie Bobby Brown premiered its third season on July 4 and fans have devoured it. One of the most commented scenes on social networks has been the one starring Dustin and his girlfriend Suzie, in which they sing the eighties theme - like everything in the series - “Never Ending Story” of Limahl. The song was from the 1984 film with which it shares its name, and now it has become a stamp of fiction created by the Duffer brothers.

Jordi Cruz is very active on Twitter, a platform where he has more than one hundred thousand followers, so it is not surprising that his video playing and recreating the famous scene under the hashtag #NeverEndingChallenge, has exceeded 3,300 retweets, 7,500 likes, and more than one hundred eighty thousand reproductions.

Netflix, taking advantage of the success of the challenge they launched, has produced a compilation video with the best fan playbacks, including versions of the eighties series actress Millie Bobby Brown and Francesca Reale, and other celebrities such as Cary Elwes (Saw) and, of course, Jordi Cruz. You can watch the video behind these lines:

If you are a true Artemaniaco, you may have seen Jordi's brief participation in the video. If not, we chiva that is in the second 58, disguised as Suzie.

You can watch the famous scene in the third season of Stranger Things on demand on Netflix.


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