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copyrightRangabali Movierulz - Watch Rangabali 2023 Telugu Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz
Rangabali Movierulz - Naga Shaurya continues to make movies regardless of flops, but we can say that he got success with the 'Krishna Vrinda Vihari' movie and now he has come to us with Rangbali. From the teaser and trailer, many people have a positive feeling about this film, and the main reason for that is the comedy.

Rangabali Movierulz - There is nothing to talk about the story in the movie but it can be said that the comedy keeps this movie alive. Since the beginning of the movie, he has directed the movie mainly with comedy. 

The local political leader's quarrels in the hometown, the hero's love track, all these things do not leave the feeling that we have seen them before. But it seems that the director of Rangbali has understood very well that it is enough to make the audience laugh for two and a half hours and they will not care about the story. However, the story aside, the movie is definitely laugh-out-loud.

Naga Shaurya is a good actor but he never got the right role, but he got a chance to prove himself in this Rangabali. And Naga Shaurya acted normally in other matters, but he was successful in cultivating comedy. There is no doubt that the new heroine Yukti Tareja is the biggest backbone of this movie and the comedy that Satya has cultivated, Naga is the second hero after Shaurya. 

Malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko became familiar to the Telugu audience with the film Dussehra, and even though the role in this film was not that great, he saved the part with his performance, and the rest of the actors did well in their roles.

It can be said that the new director Pawan Basamshetty has succeeded in engaging the audience with a simple story and a good comedy.

Technically Rangabali is good, Pawan CH's songs could be more impressive, but the background music is okay, and Diwakar Mani's cinematography is good. Overall, Rangabali is laughable.


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