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copyrightUgram Movierulz - Watch Ugram 2023 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz
Ugram Movierulz - Apart from the fact that Allari Naresh does not look new, there is nothing new in this Ugram film. The story itself starts very simply, as it has been done in many movies before. But the first half of the story is the introduction of the protagonist, his duty in the world, and his family, but in the middle, the point of missing the young children is shown, after a stage where they are missing, the reason is also known.

Ugram Movierulz - In the second part, the hero avenges those who destroyed his family and sets the ultimate goal of saving the missing children. But even though this process is not that new, seeing Naresh on screen in a Mass avatar and the director making the second part a little more realistic, Ugram engages to some extent.

Naresh never disappoints in terms of acting, be it comedy or serious, he has done justice to both the roles of a police officer and a revenge-seeking father in this movie. Meerna is okay, Indraja's role is not much important but she has done justice to her role with her performance on screen, Sarath Lohitashwa who shined in a small role in Vinaro Bhagyamo Vishnu Katha, has done well as the villain of this film, and the rest of the cast have done well in their roles.

It can be said that Vijay Kanakamedala, who received good praise for Nandi, failed to please the audience with this film. Although he took a routine story, he failed to tell it engagingly.

Technically the angst is okay, but Siddharth J's cinematography is good here and there, but the colors are mostly used, Sri Charan's classic songs are just okay, and the background music is okay. Finally, Ugram is a routine revenge action drama


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