Konaseema Thugs Movierulz - Watch Konaseema Thugs 2023 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightKonaseema Thugs Movierulz - Watch Konaseema Thugs 2023 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz
Konaseema Thugs Movierulz - The film slowly moves into the actual story, but in the beginning, it starts to get boring due to a bit of slow narration, the first half tells about the past of 'Seshu' here and there and runs with some flagging scenes.

Konaseema Thugs Movierulz - But once 'Bobby Simha' enters the scene, the film becomes exciting and the setting and mood of the jail keep us engrossed in the story. The first half is somewhat engaging but tests your patience but near the interval, they decide to escape from the prison and what happens next and this makes the last half curious.

In the second half, the hero 'Seshu' escapes from jail and plans with 'Bobby Simha' to keep us glued to our seats. But in the second half, the movie is thrilling with the screenplay and fights.

Hridhu Haroon's debut film, 'Bobby Simha' impresses with his performance as usual, Anaswara Rajan's low screen presence makes up for it and the rest of the cast do their best.

Brinda's story is good, but she succeeds only partially in presenting the film. But while the first half was not so much, she succeeded in hooking the audience with the second half.

Technically, Konaseema Thugs is amazing, Priyesh Gurusamy's cinematography and the mood of the movie all contributed a lot to getting involved in the film. Sam CS's songs could be more impressive but his background score is impressive. Overall, Konaseema Thugs is a must-watch action drama.


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