Hunt Movierulz - Watch Hunt 2023 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightHunt Movierulz - Watch Hunt 2023 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz
Hunt Movierulz - The film Hunt appears to be an unofficial remake of the Malayalam film Mumbai Police, which, although not a huge success, received much acclaim. Although the trailer of Hunt is well made, as soon as the movie opens in the theatre, you will realize that most of the scenes are from the Malayalam version of “Mumbai Police”.

Hunt Movierulz - Although the movie looks like an unofficial remake of the Mumbai Police movie, the director has tried to add some elements that would appeal to the Telugu audience. The film's final twist is something many may not have seen before and some may not like it.

When it comes to acting, Sudheer Babu is brilliant as a police officer who can't remember what happened in his past. His performance in action scenes is commendable. Srikanth Meka has played an important role that travels equally with the lead role, and his performance is sure to impress. Bharat Niwas has given a good performance as Aryan Dev but feels that he should have done better in some scenes. All the other actors have done well in their roles.

Hunt's film looks good technically. The songs don't have much importance in the film, but Gibran's background music adds the necessary interest to the scenes. Arul Vincent's cinematography is good in some scenes but it could be better in others. The action scenes are well done. Build values are good.

Director Mahesh Soorapaneni has tried to tell a story that has already been told in a different language but has made some changes to entertain the current audience. He should have been a little more careful in making the film. Overall, Hunt is an entertaining film with action and a bit of a twist with unexpected twists.


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