Masooda Movierulz - Watch Masooda 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightMasooda Movierulz - Watch Masooda 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz
Masooda Movierulz - The horror genre is one of the most interesting and exciting genres, but it has disappeared now, it is not easy to come back with this horror genre at a time when audiences love new stories, if the makers don't provide attractive story, the audience will mercilessly flop the movie. But Masooda is definitely not a normal horror story, the movie looks regular in the beginning but slowly the plot pulls you into the world of Masooda and makes you travel with the story. Still, it takes time to get into the actual account but the mood of the movie gives you a unique experience.

Masooda Movierulz - The first half is full of interesting drama whenever Gopi and Sangeeta try to cure Nazia's condition with both medication and Peer Baba, the scenes are very interesting and the suspense in the first half holds the audience's attention and creates curiosity to watch the next half. The second part starts off interestingly as all the layers are unfolded and the twists are revealed one by one which makes the movie interesting and glued to the seat, the racy screenplay of the second half grabs the attention of the audience and the climax is convincingly executed.

Sangeeta as a science teacher and an innocent mother does a great job, she gets a good role after a long gap, Thiruveer as Gopi looks fantastic as always, his innocent performance makes the character believable, Kavya Kalyan Ram has no scope for her role and the rest of the cast does well.

Sai Kiran has tried to deliver a unique horror film and he has succeeded in delivering an outstanding horror thriller. Technically, Masooda is superb, despite being made on a shoestring budget, Nagesh Banel's cinematography makes the film rich in every frame, while Prashant R Vihari succeeds in providing excellent music with various instruments. Overall, Masooda is one of the best horror films of recent times.


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