Is it a sign that no one can stop Vaarasudu movie? - 3Movierulz

copyrightIs it a sign that no one can stop Vaarasudu movie? - 3Movierulz
It is known that the official announcement from the Film Chamber that dubbing movies will be banned from Sankranti 2023 has created a stir. It was considered as a statement from one section against the dominance of the producers' guild over the industry. Producers Council vs Producers Guild infighting has always been a raging fire in the Telugu film industry.

Now this fire has ignited much before Sankranti 2023. As a matter of fact, many prominent people in the chamber are issuing orders to give theaters only to Telugu straight films for Sankranti, on the other hand, some top producers who are representatives of the guild who do not accept this are making various announcements. ``Now, in the pan India trend, there is no such thing as a dubbing film as a neighborhood film... Any film is the same. There is no stopping dubbing in the Sankranti ring!`` Famous producer Allu Aravind announced that it was almost silent.

But everything is from Dil Raju's side. He passed a rule last Sankranti to allow dubbing movies to be played, giving preference to Telugu movies and giving theaters to translated movies at the end of the priority order. Due to this, the chamber elders also sent an official notice that it should be continued till Sankranti 2023. But now Dil Raju himself is releasing the translated film 'Vaarasudu' (Varisu) which is around Sankranthi 2023. Will the 'successor' come in Sankranti? Rada..? Will some prevent it from coming? The whispers started in Tollywood. A big debate is running on this.

But as an antidote to all this, the film team has now released a teaser. According to its summary... Vaarasudu Sankranti 2023 will be released without objection. Tamil distributors have decided to that extent! The news came out. This is meant to signal that no one can stop the successor in the Sankranti race.

Vijay is on the offensive with back-to-back hits. Last Sankranti, Master, in which he acted, was released. This time Vaarasudu is getting ready for release. However, a section is whispering that there is a possibility of releasing this movie at the end i.e. after the Kanuma festival, depending on the order of priority given to Telugu movies. A section predicts that all Telugu straight movies will be released before Sankranti .. Dubbed movies will be released after Kanuma. Let's see what Dil Raju's factions say.


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