Thaggedhe Le Movierulz Watch Thaggedhe Le 2022 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightThaggedhe Le Movierulz Watch Thaggedhe Le 2022 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz
Thaggedhe Le Movierulz - The movie starts off interesting by showing serial murders in the city, but once the story turns into the love track, the screenplay slows down, however, some elements in the first half keep the audience hooked and in the second half, the story becomes interesting after the entry of Dandupalayam gang, but what they do is unrelated to the story but keeps them on screen. It's great to see.

Thaggedhe Le Movierulz - Dandupalayam movie atmosphere we can feel for a while but I don't think it helps the success of the movie, the movie has some elements that connect with the youth but the movie partially engages you from the beginning to the end. The movie would have been better if the emotions were better.

Naveen Chandra did well but this type of role is too ordinary for him Divya Pillai also did well but her acting had less scope, Ananya Raj had nothing to act but looked great and Ravi Shankar, Raja Ravindra, Naina Ganguly, Nagababu, Pooja Gandhi did their roles well.

Srinivas Raju is famous for Dandupalayam films, his realistic and intensive making brought him recognition and now after a long time, he comes up with this love story, but he shows many aspects like how money laundering happened at Baba and Swamiji's in Tera. The points are good to see on the screen but he fails to integrate those points properly in the screenplay.

Technically 'Taghgedele Move Bavundi', Venkat Prasad's cinematography impresses in some portions, a little Bgm is not great, Charan Arjun's songs don't register, and the rest of the team has done well.


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