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copyrightLove Today Movierulz - 2022's Love Today Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz
Love Today Movierulz - Just have different content. The audience does not care much about who the real hero is. With such a concept, director Pradeep Ranganath himself became the hero and made the movie Love Today. How today's youth are addicted to cell phones. In this movie, they have tried to show what kind of secrets are hidden in their cell phones. Are lovers who say things like 'baby I love you and 'I know about you really acting like that? Pradeep tried to say no throughout this movie. Also, there is no mistaking the love affair anywhere in the movie. The sensitive issue of lovers not only having love for each other but also having faith in their love has been beautifully elevated.

Love Today Movierulz - How today's youth are behaving in the matter of love. It is a girl but a boy but the director has shown how they are with each other by hiding their previous relationships in an entertainment aspect. Also, today's youth are getting spoiled because of cell phones. Lovers and those who want to get married are increasing the distance by falling under the spell of cell phones. It should not be so. The character of Satyaraj was created to say that no matter how many quarrels there are, things should be settled. He tried to say something that he wanted to say. We have to believe in ourselves. Director Pradeep has told through the character of Radhika Sarathkumar that trust is the foundation for a good relationship between two people.

Pradeep Ranganathan's film Love Today is based on the short film Appa Lock written five years ago. In the first half, the love track between the hero and the heroine is based on the harassment of the heroine and her younger sister on social media. When the character of Satyaraj, the heroine's father, puts a condition to exchange phones, the story picks up speed from there. The heroine's messages and WhatsApp chats and the hero's cheating on her and the heroine's cheating on the hero's phone after knowing his secrets are all going on in a comedy sense. Also, if someone is hiding something from us, it does not mean that they have done something wrong. Yogi Babu's character has touchingly shown this.

Pradeep and Ewana acted brilliantly in their respective roles. While watching Pradeep's acting, Dhanush's body language was seen. On the one hand, acting while directing is very difficult. But the way Pradeep Ranganathan handled the movie is super. This role is significant. One hundred percent marks can be given to her as an actress. And Satyaraj, Radhika Sarath Kumar, Yogi Babu, and others have done very well in their respective roles. The last thirty minutes touched the film in an emotional sense. 

That is the life of the movie. It is only the last thirty minutes that give life to the entertainment that was till then in the film. Among the songs composed by music director Yuvan Shankar Raja, the song Pilla Padesheva is good. The background music is impressive. The cinematography by Dinesh Purushottaman is good. The audience who want to watch routine commercial movies but those who think that we don't know who the hero and heroines are, and those who want to watch different concept movies will definitely like the film. 'Love Today is a different movie that finally connects with the youth.


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