Black Panther 2 Movierulz - Watch Black Panther 2 Telugu Dubbed 2022 Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightBlack Panther 2 Movierulz - Watch Black Panther 2 Telugu Dubbed 2022 Movie Review In 3Movierulz
Black Panther 2 MovierulzThe fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has come to an end with the second installment of Black Panther. Perhaps it is unfair to criticize him because he had to carry on a precisely created world that had been under construction for ten years, which was almost closed by Avengers: Endgame. The new direction aimed at the multiverse and hid the already known, online new heroes in a more sci-fi, grandiose garb. The Eternals, the fourth act of Thor, and the continuation of Doctor Strange followed this line, and in each case, the end result was at least divisive. Except for the third Spider-Man movie, there have been no breakthrough successes in recent years, which Ryan Coogler's work is now destined to change.

Black Panther 2 Movierulz - King T'Challa passed away and Wakanda was left without a guardian. The great powers of the world have their teeth ached for the vibranium mineral found here, and the locals also have a few unsolicited words for it. The younger sister of the former ruler, Shuri, is having a hard time processing the grief and burying herself in work. When the leader of an unknown, underwater world, Namor, presents her with a choice, the princess must decide which self she will allow surfacing.

The continuation of the already mentioned Black Panther had every chance of success, and unfortunately, there is a sad reason for this. With the tragic death of Chadwick Boseman, it was necessary to find a new protagonist who could carry on the legacy in a worthy way. This in itself makes the plot interesting, even if it raises some concerns, but the overall picture seemed encouraging with a charismatic villain, an authentic world, and a lovely tribute to Boseman.

The question is what has been achieved from this. We get the answer to the latter right away in the prologue. The opening beautifully integrates Boseman's tragedy into the plot, it does not flaunt it but pays tribute to it with respect. This respect accompanies the film, so much so that we get one of the most beautiful endings of the entire Marvel franchise, and don't be surprised if we get a lump in our throats. The other question marks can no longer be answered so clearly, in any case, it is worthwhile to delve deeper into the plot. Google brings up many topics, both new and familiar.

The geopolitical situation of Wakanda, the conflicts arising from the possession of raw materials, the processing of grief, and especially the differences between the preservation of tradition and the scientific way of thinking are all echoed, sometimes in more detail, sometimes somewhat superficially. So far, I have considered Shuri to be a particularly irritating character, whose genius manifests itself in outsmarting Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, all of which is completely unfounded. Fortunately, it was possible to shade his character to some extent, his grief is relatable, and his dilemma between the spiritual and the rational view gives a great curve to his path, but as the title character, I still don't feel authentic.

The same goes for Riri Williams, known to comic book fans only as Ironheart. He is also a genius, which is proven by nothing better than the fact that he evades structures that the government immediately attacks as a university assignment. Another issue is that his wit is also exhausted to the extent that sometimes he rambles on with scientific jargon, and at other times he writes in a ghetto style. I understand the creator's intention, he had to be brought up somehow, but he is an extremely weak, superficially portrayed, rather annoying figure. Hopefully, they will continue to work on his character in the future.

However, the situation is much rosier on the antagonistic front, which is Marvel's Achilles' heel. Namor is a well-built villain with understandable motivations and an interesting backstory. The Talokan empire led by him corresponds to a kind of Atlantis and is integrated into this universe much more smoothly than the sometimes featureless new worlds included in the other works of the phase.

I suspect that the second part of Black Panther will also be divisive. The 161-minute playing time is unreasonably long, and although it is not boring, it could have been shortened. Perhaps surprisingly, the actions stand out the most, the CGI is sometimes ugly, the battles and fights are at most average, and the logic often fails. The language of the scale still moves in a positive direction for me, because even though there are mistakes, the film finally tries to be different as it should be. Not always, everyone is relaxed and funny, instead, they ask interesting questions about world view, cultural differences, and grief. In addition, it has an emotional charge that is rare in productions about superheroes. The flashback montage or the closing scene perfectly hits home and captures something in a person. The king may be gone, but Wakanda is alive and well.


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