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Godfather Movierulz - It is known that megastar Chiranjeevi has recently given clarity in the pre-release event that he acted in the Godfather movie as per Ram Charan's wish. Godfather is released worldwide on October 5. But even before the event, there were no huge expectations for the film. But after the trailer of the movie, expectations have doubled in Telugu. But it is remarkable that no hype was created by Salman Khan in Hindi.

Due to the lack of hype that Salman Khan is acting in Godfather, which has a market of hundreds of crores, it seems that there is no big market for this film. If we look at the whole worldwide, the details of the level of business the Godfather movie has done are as follows.

It is reported that Megastar Chiranjeevi has done a huge business of 22 crores with this movie in the Nizam area as usual. It seems that this movie, which has a seeded price of 13.50 crores, has done a business of 35 crores in the whole of Andhra. Godfather movie is releasing with a target of 70.50 crores in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as a whole.

It is reported that the film has fetched a good price in Karnataka as well. 6:50 crores of business there, it seems that the rest of India in Hindi has done almost the same business. 7.5 crore business overseas and if we look at the whole world the business of the film has reached 91 crores.

It means that the film is considered successful only if it receives a total share collection of 92 crores at the box office. Nagarjuna's Godfather movie is also competing. Also, Bellamkonda Swathimuthyam will be released.

But there is a possibility that the Godfather movie will dominate in most theatres. And let's see how soon Megastar Chiranjeevi will complete this box office target.


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