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copyrightThe budget of Kantara movie is still a mystery - 3 Movierulz
Currently, Kantara movie has become a hot topic in the South industry. Initially released in the Kannada industry without many expectations, this movie unexpectedly collected more than 75 crores there. Produced by KGF production company Hombel Films, this movie is creating new records at the box office.

It was released in Kannada on September 30 and last week it was released in Telugu as well as Hindi. In the Fan India range, the producers of KGF are again highlighting E. Kantara's movie. But every day the talk about the collections of this movie goes viral. It is said that it has already crossed 90 crores and is approaching 100 crores

Most of the people who have seen this movie think that they must have spent between 60 to 70 crores for the movie. But really the budget of this movie is not in that range. Initially, they wanted to complete this film within just 10 crores. But after that the content is so strong that it doesn't matter if it's a little too much, the director assured the hero Rishabh Shetty.

With this, he not only acted as a hero but also performed directorial duties very well. It seems that the total budget for this film is up to 18 crores. But for the investment, all the buyers are in profit.

It has already completed the break-even target in Telugu. The film is approaching the 10 crore target in Hindi as well. However, it is also said that it will easily cross 100 crores. And let's see how much profit the producers get in total.


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