Kantara Movierulz - Watch Kantara 2022 Telugu Dubbed Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightKantara Movierulz - Watch Kantara 2022 Telugu Dubbed Movie Review In 3Movierulz
Performance of the actor
Kantara Movierulz - Rishabh Shetty not only provided the story and screenplay for this movie but also directed it. As sober as Moratu acted as a young man, he looked divine as the divine Sambhutu while playing Bhoota Koala. His screams are not only reverberating in the theater when God takes him. It created such an impact.

This movie has once again proved that having regional heroin in regional films is a big plus point. The heroine Saptami Gowda looked very natural and pure. Fits nicely in the role.

Senior actor, Achyut Kumar's characterization, can be guessed before, but how the character is designed is astonishing. Also, the tension created by Kishore's nature is good. Kishore's acting & screen presence as an egoistic officer is good. All the other actors are impressive in their respective roles.

Technical performance 
Kantara Movierulz - Music director Ajanish Loknath is a significant film asset. He took the film to the next level with his own music & sound design. Especially the background score of Bhoota Kola is heart-pounding. The fusion mix of Carnatic music and the magic created with the vocals is fantastic. The way the story is elevated with the background music is commendable.

Arvind S. Kashyap's cinematography is another unique attraction of the movie. Presenting this film as a visual wonder without repetition in limited locations is not ordinary. Especially the way the last 20 minutes of the episode has been romantically shot has given the audience an incredible cinematic experience.

Technical departments like production design, artwork, costumes, and make-up have all given their best.

Let's talk about Rishabh Shetty, the film's protagonist, narrator, and director. It is a significant risk to choose a culture forgotten by the present generation as a plot. It is not an ordinary achievement to write a story brilliantly without any fuss, giving importance only to the report, acting as the protagonist, and giving life to the character. Rishabh has proved that wonders can be created if you believe in stories rather than technicalities. He showed his talent as a director and a storyteller by directing the film Kantara on a tiny canvas.

Especially the story is not new. I have seen hundreds of movies of this type, but how the story is directed and God is portrayed is commendable. It has to be said that this is the most careful film in terms of sound design in recent times. Rishabh has succeeded 1000% in giving an unforgettable cinematic experience to the audience as a director, storyteller, and actor. It is not whether this film will get a National Award, but it is a well-made film where the jury counts how many to give.

We must not forget our roots. We should not lose our existence. "Kantara" is a film that tells these two things very skillfully. It is no exaggeration to say that the movie “Kantara” is not enough to watch twice in the theater for the fantastic sound design, music by Ajanish Loknad, acting direction by Rishabh, Bhoota Koala episodes & last 20 minutes. “Kantara” is a must-watch movie for every movie buff.


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