Godfather Movierulz - Watch Godfather 2022 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightGodfather Movierulz - Watch Godfather 2022 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Godfather Movierulz - Many people know that the film is an official remake of the Malayalam super hit 'Lucifer,' but the changes made in Telugu seem to have spoiled the film's soul. Even if megastar's second innings films are not up to expectations, it is an undeniable truth that the movie being made with huge budgets are indirectly influencing the distributors. Although the story of this action drama is simple, the makers have opted for unnecessary buildups in the movie, which indirectly spoils the movie. Some characters in Malayalam have the right motive in the film, but those characters are spoiled in Telugu.

Godfather Movierulz - Megastar Chiranjeevi was an excellent actor in the past, but he is struggling with new movies and trying to imitate himself on screen. He has many fans for how he delivers dialogues on screen. Still, his dialogue delivery and acting in the last few movies seem artificial, but the megastar again entertains with his dance moves from the song 'Thar Maar.' Nayanthara, as always, has done a great job, and her character has the scope to show different emotions. Satyadev appeared in a negative role that required ferocity in the eyes and did it perfectly. Salman Khan's extended cameo doesn't have much to do. All the other actors have done their roles well as the story required.

Technically Godfather movie is good. Thaman's music & background music is not that impressive, especially the background music is very loud in many scenes and reminds many of Thaman's past movies. Nirav Shah's cinematography is good, but most of the shots in the film are saturated colors, so care should be taken with the DI. Some fights will entertain megastar fans. The production values ​​are high, but the VFX looks very poor.

Director Mohan Raja and, Lakshmibhupala & Murali Gopi made some changes to make the movie a commercial entertainer. Still, they forgot that the film is now available worldwide to the audience after the advent of OTT platforms. Audiences will now watch any movie, regardless of sensibility, if it has the right content. Overall, The Godfather is partly impressive and partly disappointing. But all the commercial elements to entertain the mass audience are there in this movie.


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