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copyrightCaptain Movierulz - Watch Captain 2022 Telugu Dubbed Movie Online Review In 3Movierulz

Captain MovierulzMost of Hollywood has seen alien movies, especially 'Predator' starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, which was one of the 1990's children's favorites. Captain movie is a Predator-style movie and we have to appreciate the makers for choosing such a subject to make a movie in Indian history. But opting for new content won't work at the box office, even if it grabs the attention of the audience. This film lacks the intensity that most alien films have and we feel bored with so many routine scenes to watch on screen.

Captain MovierulzAs far as acting is concerned, Arya is very good as Captain Vijay Kumar and there is nothing wrong with his performance, but if the character design was better, it would have helped the actor to perform more. Aishwarya Lakshmi is okay with the role offered to her. Simran was impressive even though she appeared in very few scenes. All the other actors have given their roles well as required by the movie.

Technically the movie Captain seems to be fine. The music by De Imman suits the on-screen situations and creates the mood required to watch this film. Yuva's cinematography is just ok, some shots in the movie are good but overall shots are not so much. The fights in the movie are done very well.

Director Shakti Sounder Rajan always comes up with genres that are rarely seen in the history of Indian cinema. He tries to make films in new genres with a limited budget, that's where the problem arises. As the genres he chooses to require a good budget for quality output, we can see many compromises in the film which disturb the interest of the audience. Although the technical team worked very hard due to budget constraints, the film's VFX looks like an animation.

Overall, Captain is a new genre of movie in Telugu and Tamil languages. You can watch this movie for a new attempt.


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