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Significantly less revenue than "Thor 3": Is "Thor: Love And Thunder" a flop for Marvel?

Should fans be worried about the future of the Marvel brand? Because "Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness" has only grossed just under 955 million dollars worldwide, certain circles interested in film can be read again and again that the latest MCU films have been disappointing at the box office or even considered flops. But is that true?

"Thor 4: Love And Thunder" currently seems to continue to feed this narrative: "Thor 4" has now grossed more than 720 million dollars worldwide. That's not bad - until you compare the result with its direct predecessor "Thor 3: Ragnarok": "Thor 3" has brought in almost 854 million dollars worldwide.

So is there any truth to the Marvel flops? no Because anyone who claims that has reckoned without China and Russia.

"Thor 4" did not start in these two major film markets: Russia has been boycotted by the major US studios since the war of aggression against Ukraine. And in China, "Love And Thunder" didn't get a clearance, presumably because of the film's many LGBTQ elements and characters.

"Thor 3", on the other hand, grossed 112.2 million (!) in China and 23.7 million dollars in Russia. Without this income, "Day of Decision" is "only" at 718 million dollars - and has now even been trumped by "Thor 4"! Always important for the US studios: In the US, "Love And Thunder" has already surpassed its predecessor by 10 million dollars.

This calculation becomes all the more interesting when you consider that Hollywood studios usually only get a much smaller share of the cinema revenues from China than from the USA and the rest of the world - it is therefore quite possible that Marvel and Disney with "Thor 4 “ in the end make even more profit than with “Thor 3”.

Nevertheless, a certain disillusionment should have set in at Marvel, because from a direct sequel like "Thor 4", which was also staged by the same director as the extremely popular predecessor, one hoped for a much bigger hit according to common blockbuster logic at the box office.

The already mentioned flop with the title "Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness" shows what this can look like in the best case, which brought in a good 40 percent more than the predecessor "Doctor Strange".

In addition, in the case of "Love And Thunder", the film was not as well received by fans and the trade press as "Day of Decision". All in all, this should ensure that a possible "Thor 5" is no longer put into the hands of Taika Waititi.


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