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copyrightJohnny Depp makes his next big comeback - after 25 years and with support from Al Pacino - 3Movierulz
When Johnny Depp directed the neo-western "The Brave" with Marlon Brando and himself in the leading role in 1997, it was to be the start of a career behind the camera. But after the premiere in competition at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, there was so much and such harsh feedback that Depp subsequently decided that the film would not be released in the United States. So he was neither in the cinemas nor was he released for home cinema. Since the rights for the rest of the world had already been sold, “The Brave” is now also available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Depp also refrained from a further career as a director, at least for major feature films. As a result, he only directed music videos, especially for his longtime partner Vanessa Paradis.

25 years after The Brave, Johnny Depp is set to make his feature film directorial comeback. As the industry magazine Hollywood Reporter and the actor himself announced, he will direct the artist biopic "Modigliani". Depp is collaborating with Barry Navidi and Al Pacino, who are producing the project. A play by Dennis McIntyre, which Pacino has wanted to film for a long time, serves as a template. He pointed out the play to Navidi, who got the rights. Now it was decided to entrust Depp with directing.

It is not yet known whether the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star or Pacino will also appear in front of the camera.

There should be announcements about the casting shortly. However, it is already known that filming will begin in the spring of 2023 – in Europe. Depp is currently also shooting the French cinema film "Jeanne Du Barry" here, for which a first picture with the star was recently published.

A small comeback tour of the once celebrated actor is currently running in Europe. In Hollywood, however, people still keep their distance from him for the most part - especially in the big studios. After all, Depp recently caused negative headlines, especially in his dispute with ex-wife Amber Heard. He lost a lawsuit against the tabloid Sun in a British court, allowing the Sun to continue calling him a "wife-beater".

Before a US jury, on the other hand, he managed a partial victory in a dispute with Heard himself in the first instance, but numerous unsavory details about the star came to light during and especially in the aftermath of the process, with which the big studios are not yet associated want to be. On the other hand, the past few weeks and months have also clearly shown how large the group of fans behind Depp is, from which productions such as "Jeanne Du Barry" or "Modigliani" will certainly benefit.

Anyone who is less interested in private life and only in the art of film should be interested in how Johnny Depp will tell "Modigliani". The focus is on Amedeo Modigliani, who lived from 1884 to 1920, i.e. was only 35 years old. He worked as a draftsman, painter, and sculptor, causing a stir and a few scandals, especially with his nude paintings. He was not granted great success during his lifetime, only posthumously was he really discovered and popular and his works suddenly traded for a lot of money.

As producer Navidi revealed, "Modigliani" will not treat a classic biopic, but only a small part of the artist's life. The play that serves as a template focuses on a dark phase in the painter's life. In 1916 he was completely impoverished. Nobody wants to buy his works or hire him. He even tries his hand at a robbery to get money. When a meeting with an art dealer arranged by his lover ends in disaster, he wants to give up and destroy all his works.


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