Highway Movierulz - Watch Highway 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightHighway Movierulz - Watch Highway 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

Highway MovierulzA few scenes in 'Highway Movie' are interesting to watch separately but the entire making of the movie will definitely make you shake your head. The movie looks very clueless with the story and screenplay. Most of the scenes in the movie look very boring. The director followed the old formula of a typical thriller story. Even the climax of the film looks very unrealistic and routine.

Highway MovierulzAnand Deverakonda has learned a lot in terms of acting. Sayami Kher in the role of the investigation officer is fine. Abhishek Banerjee impresses with his performance in this film and rocks in a negative role, although we have seen him in similar roles in Hindi before. Satya tries to create the necessary entertainment in between and all the other actors do their part well.

Technically, the movie seems okay. Background music composed by Simon K King adds the necessary mood to the film. KV Guhan's cinematography looks okay, but some good locations in the movie can be shot beautifully but it seems that it is not shown properly. KV Guhan once again comes up with a thriller story and like his previous film, 'WWW' fails to impress the audience with his making. Finally, 'Highway Movie' is impressive for some scenes and creates suspense till the end.


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