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Almost exactly six months ago that Netflix announced that it would shoot two sequels after the gigantic success of "Red Notice" with Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot. And even if the streaming giant hasn't released any official figures for its latest action hit "The Gray Man", "Avengers" directors Joe and Anthony Russo are likely to have landed another real mega-hit. It has already been announced that Netflix is ​​not only working on "The Gray Man 2" with Ryan Gosling but has also commissioned another spin-off.

So while we can currently only guess how many people watched "The Gray Man" last weekend, it can already be guessed that one or the other record will probably tumble. After all, the 200-million dollar, agent-actioner leading across the globe is the most expensive Netflix production to date. And if a continuation of such a mammoth project is announced so quickly, then that can only mean one thing: Part 1 has exceeded all expectations.

Ryan Gosling will star again, with the Russo brothers returning as directors. Screenwriter Stephen McFeely is also on board again, but this time he will be responsible for the script without his companion Christopher Markus, with whom he not only wrote "The Gray Man" but also worked on all of the Russos' Marvel films.

Speaking to Deadline, Joe Russo revealed that while "The Gray Man 2" will be based on Mark Greany's book, it will also take some liberties in moving the story from paper to screen bring. However, one is excited "by the incredible amount of material" that is available for the sequel.

While details of the content of the still-untitled The Gray Man spin-off are still limited, at least we already know who will develop the story: The screenplay will be written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, the authors of Zombieland ' and 'Deadpool'.

The first information leads us to expect a slightly smaller film, but one should be a bit braver with it. Russo promises, for example, to become “more experimental” with the offshoot and also to aim for a higher age rating. In any case, the choice of authors makes sense in view of this.

The Gray Man is the second Netflix franchise from the Avengers directors. Because with the AGBO production studio, the Russos have already launched the action hit "Extraction" with Thor actor Chris Hemsworth, whose sequel is also in the works.


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