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copyrightAvengers 5: The most important person for The Kang Dynasty has already been clarified - 3Movierulz
Destin Daniel Cretton is the director of Avengers 5: The Kang Dynasty. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to report this exclusively and other industry publications have now confirmed it. Cretton previously directed Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings for Marvel and is also working on a sequel to it. This means that the most important external person behind the camera for the film project has already been filled.

Since the mentioned "Shang-Chi 2" was not part of the big wave of announcements of upcoming Marvel films last weekend, it is quite possible that this sequel is still a little further in the future - especially if Cretton is now also busy with "Avengers 5". is. But there would still be enough time to insert “Shang-Chi 2” before that. In the current MCU theatrical release schedule, for example, there is still a free date in February 2024, when the filmmaker, who became known for films such as "Short Term 12" and "Just Mercy", completes his current work, the series "American Born Chinese" for Disney+ theoretically, he could throw himself directly into several MCU projects.

Not much is known about Avengers 5: The Kang Dynasty yet. Marvel has just announced the theatrical release for early May 2025 and revealed that "Avengers 6: Secret Wars", which will also be released in 2025, will be the grand conclusion to the current Multiverse saga, which includes phases 4 to 6 of the MCU narrative spans. Incidentally, it is not yet known who is directing "Avengers 6".

Also, we don't know who will write the screenplay for The Kang Dynasty, nor is there any clue as to which heroes will appear in it - although given the grand multiverse narrative set in Avengers 5 and Avengers 6 " should culminate, participation of Doctor Strange is very likely. And Brie Larson as Captain Marvel should definitely be included too - not only because her character is a very important presence in the MCU, but also because she has appeared in every Cretton film since their shared masterpiece Short Term 12.

In view of the title, the big adversary for the Avengers is pretty certain: it will be Kang, introduced in “Loki” as “He Who Remains”, i.e. as “Jenner der Abbt”. The heroes will soon become very aware of the threat posed by this to the entire multiverse: “Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania” will start on February 15, 2023. A just-released poster already sees Kang as a menacing figure behind fighting protagonists "Ant-Man" Scott Lang, "Wasp" Hope van Dyne, and their new co-star "Stature" Cassie Lang.

In "The Kang Dynasty", the far from-the-future Kang could then finally try to usurp the rulership of the entire world. The film title at least alludes to the comic series of the same name from 2001 and 2002, in which he tries to do just that - and at first, succeeds. But in the best "Star Wars" manner, a small rebel group takes up the fight against the new empire: the Avengers.


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