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copyrightMaayon Movierulz - Watch Maayon 2022 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz
Young director Kishore's film 'Maayon' stars Sathyaraj's son CB Sathyaraj as the hero. Mamidala Srinivas, the head of Moviemax, has acquired the Telugu rights of this Tamil film produced by Arun Moji Manikam. Like in Kollywood, the interest in this film has increased with heavy promotions in Tollywood as well. Let's see in the review how much the movie 'Maayon' released in 227 theaters this Friday (July 7) has pleased the audience amid huge expectations.

Maayon Movie Story 
Arjun is an archaeologist. While telling his fellow employees that it is our responsibility to preserve ancient things, it is the culture of our ancestors, he indulges in idol smuggling. Along with his senior officer Devaraj, he sells antiques and idols abroad. In this order, they come to know about the five thousand years old Maayon temple in Vijayanandapuram and the treasure in it. They want to own that treasure somehow. They go there for jobs and start hunting for treasure. And how did you know the secret of the treasure? What is the history of Maayon Temple? What kind of effort did Arjun and Devaraj make to own that treasure? Did Arjun really join hands with Devaraj for the treasure? How did the Indian police catch the ideal smuggler Sans Ferado abroad? If you want to know other things, you have to watch the movie 'Maayon' in theatres.

Films with ancient temples, treasure hunting, divine power, and scientific concept will entertain the audience. That's why our directors are already making such films. But the success of the film depends on how thrillingly these stories are shown on the screen. If the movie can keep the suspense of what happens next till the end then it will succeed. 'Maayon' is a film based on such an exciting story and narrative. Although it is an old story, director Kishore has made it very new and fresh with an interesting screenplay.

This is the dialogue that reaches the climax of the movie 'Mathrubhumi Samsulu Amdamam, Kanna Tatlini Ammadam Akete'. What is the story with this one dialogue? You can imagine how the story goes. But director Kishore has pushed the film forward by adding suspense to the imagination of the audience. At the very beginning of the movie, he showed how the story is going to unfold. Starting with the hero, every character was introduced in negative shades and made the audience suspicious of everyone. Although it took some time to start the story in the first half, in the second half, he made the story very exciting and fast. After Arjun's team breaks into the temple, every scene that follows is thrilling for the audience. The curiosity about what will happen next increases. But the climax is a bit routine. The story is driven forward by balancing power and science. Those who like mythological suspense thriller movies will surely like 'Maayon'.

Who did it?
This is the debut film of Sathyaraj's son CB Sathyaraj. However, the young hero CB Sathyaraj acted without knowing that. Archaeologist Arjun has played the role. He looked very stylish and active on screen. Tanya Ravichandran as Sanjana, another archeologist in the hero's team, is pleasing. Harish Peradi was impressed with his performance in the role of Devaraj with negative shades. Radha Ravi as the village headman, Krishnappa, seems to be fine. The rest of the actors are not well known to the Telugu audience, but they have acted within the scope of their respective roles and have impressed.

Technically, the major strength of this film is Ilayaraja's music. Although the songs are limited, the background music is a hit. He raised the level of the film with his own BGM. The cinematography by Ram Prasad is good. He worked as the cinematographer for Balayya's Akhanda. This is his first film in Tamil. He made every scene interesting with his unique camera work. He has shown the scenes of the temple very well on the screen. The graphics work is good. Scenes like using technology to send a fly into a temple, a mobile watch, and a new device to stop evil noises late at night are impressive. The editing is okay. The production values ​​are very rich as befits the level of the film.


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