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How many credits scenes are there in Thor: Love and Thunder? In the best of Marvel Studios traditions, the answer is two. The first is longer and more elaborate, and once again aims to broaden the horizons of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by setting up a possible sequel. The second is sweeter and more moving and represents an answer to a fundamental question that everyone will have asked about the fate of a character at the end of the film.

The debut of Hercules in the first scene of the credits
The first scene in the credits sees the return of Zeus, who appeared to have been defeated by Thor after refusing to lend him his powerful lightning bolt. Pierced by it, he had fallen from his throne, but apparently, he survived. Surrounded by his harem of handmaids, Zeus ponders revenge against Thor and, more generally, against anyone who no longer fears the Olympians:

Once upon a time, being a God meant something. People whispered your name before sharing their deepest hopes, their dreams. They begged for mercy without ever knowing if you were listening to them. Now, you know, they look at the sky… They don't ask us for lightning, they don't ask for rain: they just want to see one of their so-called Superheroes. When did we become a joke? No, never again. You will see, they will fear us again… when Thor the son of Odin falls from the sky… Did I make myself clear, Hercules? Have I made myself clear, my son?

At this point, we see him, Hercules, who replies "Yes, father!" He will be the one to face Thor in the future. The character is played by Brett Goldstein, just as the rumors stated before and the leaks later. Fans have long wanted to see the iconic Marvel character on the big screen, first appearing in the first issue of 1965's Journey Into Mystery Annual. Over the years, he and Thor have been both bitter enemies and great friends, and in the comics Hercules. gets to become an Avenger.

The fate of Jane Foster in the second scene of the credits
The second scene in the credits is much sweeter and serves to give a more complete conclusion to the narrative arc of Jane Foster, who returns to the film in the role of Mighty Thor and then, unfortunately, meets her end.

As in the comics, in fact, Jane has cancer and although every time she transforms into Mighty Thor she becomes a more powerful version of herself, this actually aggravates her health conditions when she returns to human form. At the end of the film, the scientist decides to sacrifice herself to help eliminate Gorr.

In the scene in the credits, however, we discover that the Asgardian Gods have decided to welcome her to Valhalla. Upon entering, the girl finds none other than Heimdall, who was killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, and whose son played a significant role in the film. Here is the transcript of their short dialogue:

Jane: What ... Oh, hey!

Heimdall: Jane Foster.

Jane: Heimdall!

Heimdall: I see you're dead now.

Jane: Ah… yeah.

Heimdall: Thanks for looking after my son. You are welcome here, in the land of the Gods. Welcome to Valhalla.

The impression is that this scene represents a definitive epilogue for the character played by Natalie Portman, even if... never say never.

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