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Ladki Movierulz - Ram Gopal Varma Film: A few months back in the UP assembly elections, 'Ladi hoon lad Sakti hoon' was just a slogan. In director Ram Gopal Varma's film Ladki: Enter the Girl Dragon, you can see the girl literally fighting. The girl had also fought in Kangana Ranaut's Dhaakad which came in May, but the action there was full of bullets. The film had flopped. The fight of Verma's girl is of straight arms and legs. The girl doesn't even take out the knife. This is the case of Bruce Lee's fighting technique Jeet Kune Do. Which people in common language called Kumf-Ku, Judo-Karate. Varma has paid tribute to Bruce Lee from the film. If you want to watch a different enchantment from the new age of VFX-filled action movies, then this film is for you.

Action in a while
The girl's philosophy is simple. Self-defense and self-reliance. Pooja (Pooja Bhalekar) living in Hyderabad is a trend in Jeet Kune Do. She is learning this from a Chinese master. There is love for Bruce Lee in his romances. At an open restaurant, she is met by photographer Neil (Parth Suri), who wants to save a girl from molestation by some goons, and beats her up. Pooja then beats up the goons. From here Neil and Pooja's talk-meets reach the growing love and villains (Rajpal Yadav, Abhimanyu Singh) comes into the story. The film is full of action by Pooja. Verma has taken care that it is about Bruce Lee and his fighting technique, so keep these scenes coming every once in a while.

the reverse is the case here
The film is especially weak in story, script, and dialogues, but this action is its life. The look of the film has been kept real, so the glitter is missing. An attempt has been made to handle the shortcomings of the film with background music. In ordinary films, you see that heroines are subjected to atrocities and hero beats goons. But the girl has the opposite. The girl saves the boy by being beaten again and again. it's interesting. In fact, this message is that girls should be self-reliant in terms of security. In the film, the police officer says that if the girls are able to protect themselves, then what work will be left with us.

the question becomes
Ram Gopal Varma has been presenting the heroine differently in his films. It is the same here. Pooja has been captured on camera in such a way that action and skin shows go hand in hand. You can like it or dislike it. There is no middle way. Pooja Bhalekar is frozen in action sequences. The question arises that if Hindi films can have action heroes like Vidyut Jammwal and Tiger Shroff, then what is the place for action heroines like Pooja Bhalekar? There are many reasons not to watch this film of Varma, but the only reason to watch it is curiosity that what this director, who made films like Rangeela, Satya, Bhoot, and Sarkar, created new. If you are a fan of Ramu then you can watch Ladki: Enter the Girl Dragons. Yes, it is definitely that you will not get the talk of those old films.


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