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copyrightSai Pallavi Reacts On Lady Power Star Tag in an interview | 3Movierulz
Sai Pallavi, who recently commented on the Kashmir files, has come under heavy trolling. Leaders of Hindu communities also lodged a case against her at the Sultan Bazar police station. It is known that Sai Pallavi explained that her words were misunderstood. Left? Are you, right? When asked, she said she took an incident as an example, saying it was 'neutral'. A video has been released saying that the violence behind religions is a 'deadly sin' and this is exactly what she wanted to say. Read Also: Director Ayan Mukherjee reacts to the negative publicity on the Brahmastra movie trailer | 3Movierulz

As a Lady Power star, this Fida beauty has formed a special fan base in Tollywood. Wherever she goes, the fan calls her Lady Power Star. Sai Pallavi was also given the Lady Power Star tag at the recent Virat Parvam movie pre-release event. Sai Pallavi was shocked to see this name.

This beautiful lady is currently enjoying the Virat Parvam movie hit. responded to the Lady Power Star tag in an interview. She says she thinks it's not correct to put such tags in front of the name. She said she did not connect quickly to such things and was stressed by the tags. The characters she has played so far are being admired by the audience and she will be acting in more good roles keeping in view their love. She says she prefers to stay normal. Read Also: Movie team doing a variety of promotions for Kartikeya 2 - 3Movierulz

Virata Parvam movie starring Sai Pallavi opposite Rana was released on June 17. Cine lovers are getting fed up with Sai Pallavi's performance in the role of 'Moonlight'. Fans are commenting that this movie would not exist without Sai Pallavi. Receiving hits with the movies 'Love Story' and 'Shyamsingarai', this beautiful lady has hit a hat trick with the Virat Parvam movie hit. She is currently starring in the Tamil movie Gargi. Sai Pallavi has already released the first look poster for the movie which will be released as Lady Oriented. Her poster impresses movie lovers with her earthy bag in a sari.


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