Director Ayan Mukherjee reacts to the negative publicity on the Brahmastra movie trailer | 3Movierulz

copyrightDirector Ayan Mukherjee reacts to the negative publicity on the Brahmastra movie trailer | 3Movierulz
The 'Brahmastra' trailer received a good response from the audience and on the other hand, the negative publicity was also in the bad range. Netizens have been trolling heavily for making a mistake in this movie trailer. In one scene, the hero Ranbir Kapoor was about to enter the temple when he flew and struck the temple bells. However, in that scene, he seems to be wearing shoes on his feet. Hindu communities and netizens trolled it as 'Boycott Brahmastra'. Read Also: Movie team doing a variety of promotions for Kartikeya 2 - 3Movierulz

Recently, 'Brahmastra' movie director Ayan Mukherjee responded to this issue. In the Brahmastra movie trailer, 'Ranbir Kapoor' said that many people are impatient about wearing shoes and ringing the temple bell. As a director and a devotee I want to tell everyone what happened in that scene. In the movie, it is clarified that Ranbir did not go to the temple wearing shoes and Durgadevi went to the pooja mandapam. Read Also: ‘Vikram’ Movie OTT Date Fix | 3Movierulz

Ayan said his family has been performing Durga Puja for 75 years. He told me that as he had experience, he would go into the mandapam to put sandals on his feet. However, they left the upstairs porch under the sandals and said they would visit the goddess. It was made clear that something had happened in that scene. He said that the film was made with the intention that every Indian should know about Brahmastra. They said they had no idea who was hurting their feelings.


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