777 Movierulz - Watch 777 Charlie 2022 Telugu Full Movie Review In 3movierulz

copyright777 Movierulz - Watch 777 Charlie 2022 Telugu Full Movie Review In 3movierulz

777 Movierulz - Watch 777 Charlie 2022 Telugu Full Movie Review In 3movierulz

777 Movierulz - Rakshit Shetty, one of the most promising heroes in the Kannada industry, has released his latest film "777 Charlie". Starring the Labrador Dog title character, the film created remarkable expectations with its trailer. Animal lovers in particular have been waiting for this movie ever since. Let's see if the movie is impressive again .. !!

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777 Movierulz Story: Dharma (Rakshit Shetty) loses her parents and siblings in an accident as a child and grows up alone. He lives without knowing anything except the house and the factory. Charlie (Labrador Dog) makes a sudden entry into the virtuous life of living alone. What changes did Dharma's life make with Charlie's entry? To which coast did Dharma-Charlie travel together? Is the story of "777 Charlie".

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Movierulz 777 Cast: Rakshit Shetty carries the entire film on his shoulders. Needless to say, he is a good actor. However, it is not uncommon for a dog to cultivate his emotions in this film. Because, no matter how much training the dog is given, the camera will not hear what is said before.

So, along with the cast, Rakshit Shetty's patience in wrestling with the dog is to be commended. Although the character is small, the music of the heroine is impressive. Raj B Shetty entertained with his comedy timing as a dog doctor.

Movierulz 777 Technical Team Performance: Director Kiran Raj's patience should be appreciated more than his directing talent. Not only did she do an outstanding performance with a dog named Charlie, but she also immersed the audience in her emotions. Despite some hesitation as a narrator, Kiran Raj had a solid success as a director.

Music director Nobin seemed to be okay with the background music. However, he failed to elevate the depth of the scene. Arvind Kashyap's cinematography is another plus point for the film. Dog's eyes were captured by Bhale heartily. Production work & artwork is good but care should be taken in CG work. A very heartwarming scene was revealed by Average CG Work.

Movierulz 777 Analysis: Not only animal lovers, but everyone with a sensitive mind is particularly impressed with the movie "777 Charlie". "Charlie" makes pet owners & lovers cry. Despite the small flaws and the innocence in Charlie's eyes, they do not appear before mercy.


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