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Moon Knight is coming to an end, but will the ending of a show that has shed its skin too many times be confusing? Let's try to figure it out together.

Now very little is missing from the last episode of Moon Knight. The end of the season, however, brings with it more doubts than certainties, especially in the management of the many very different elements that harbor in the series. The latest Marvel product on Disney + has in fact changed its skin several times in its first five episodes (here is our review of Moon Knight 1X05), losing focus and risking having to close too many things in one episode.

Watch Moon Knight Full Review in 3Movierulz

We, therefore, tried to make a recap of what happened, hoping for a season finale that was not too hasty but which still risks stumbling into its final stages. Spoilers about the first five episodes of Moon Knight will obviously follow, so be warned.

Moon Knight and the changes in the race

One of the main problems with Moon Knight is the high amount of changes in the structure of the series. The first two episodes are a separate element, then there is the third, and finally the fourth and fifth are still different.

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Entering the psychiatric hospital over half of the show with a handful of episodes still to be seen has indeed destabilized its cohesion. The introduction so late of two different otherworldly realities risks leading Moon Knight to have to close everything in a hurry, not having sown before with abundance and calm. Then there is the really thorny question of the Egyptian gods. Barring some sort of religious massacre in the season finale, how will these entities coexist with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Entities structured just like the history books teach us, with an afterlife, with rules and adepts that shift the focus on a religious and otherworldly level really far from the rest of the Marvel world. After all, the Asgardians had become inhabitants of another planet that we had mistakenly revered as a deity in a time past. Yet the Egyptian gods actually seem supernatural in the more religious sense of the term. Also, why are the souls we see falling while Marc and Steven are on the ship of people who believe in the Egyptian religion or not? Does it apply only to them or does it apply to everyone?

A finale too full of elements

In addition to having to give a minimum of explanation and cohesion on the mythological-religious part, the ending of Moon Knight will also have a path that is somehow "precompiled".

Marc will return to the world of the living, free Khonshu, regain his powers and clash with Harrow, probably defeating him. This will already take away a good chunk of time, so the risk of losing everything in a hurry is really high. Moreover, without any certainty about the duration of the Moon Knight ending. There is also the third personality to be revealed, which is probably that of Jake Lockley, already "glimpsed" in the third episode and clearly locked in the unopened sarcophagus. Inserting it in the season finale could really involve risk, but at the same time not talking about it would make what was sown earlier in vain. Also because the last episode must also give us the superhero Moon Knight since we have really seen too little of the costume in action so far. Last, and perhaps one of the most important, the links with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They will probably be relegated to one (or two) post-credit scenes, but they will have to be there, otherwise, the series will be really too disconnected from the general project.

Who knows if Doctor Strange's release in the Multiverse of Madness on the same day as the finale is a clue to what will happen to Moon Knight after the conclusion of the. Of course, the film arrives in America two days later than in Italy, but dreaming costs nothing.


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