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copyrightJersey Movierulz - Jersey 2022 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Jersey MovierulzShahid Kapoor, who became the lead hero on the big screen, will turn 20 next year. In these two decades, Shahid Kapoor has measured all the ups and downs of cinema. And, after the film 'Kabir Singh', he has now set out to make a new leak of acting. Shahid Kapoor himself is confident in this journey. He is choosing strong stories. They adapt themselves according to their characters and, the directors choose such who have a hundred percent faith in these stories. After Sandeep Reddy Vanga, he has now handed himself over to Gautam Tinnanuri. 

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Jersey MovierulzShahid Kapoor has presented the second consecutive example of what an artist can do by relying on a capable director in the film 'Jersey'. Producer directors from South India do not have a low-angle camera in this film. Loud ringing is not noise. There is no attempt to dazzle the eyes with special effects in every scene, and neither does it contain the splendor, luxury, and horror of a fictional world that looks different from ordinary humans. The film 'Jersey' is not even a sports drama film as its marketing team has been sinning from the beginning. This is the story of a man battling with himself. This is the story of mutual affection between a father and son. And, this is the story of a master's trust in his disciple.

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The story of relationships, not of cricket

Jersey MovierulzThere is a dialogue in 'Jersey', 'You killed me, even if I tell anyone, no one will agree!' Your eyes will also be filled to see such faith of a seven-year-old child in his father's affection. 'Jersey', an emotional tale of mutual trust between a son and his father, has been promoted as a sports drama film for months. But, the one-line message that should have reached the audience with the real element of its story, did not reach. The film begins with this son who is now 32 years old. Arrives to buy a book written on the story of his father and talks begin with the story of Arjun Talwar. He is the Arjun of coach Madhav Sharma. From somewhere they looked for him. Then sculpted and then made such a batsman, on whom the era is not proud, he is very proud. Then Arjun quits cricket. He marries a sweetheart who has left home. He also becomes a father. Gets a government job. And, then one-day money becomes fascinated by money...

Shahid Kapoor very passionate artist

The reason I went to watch 'Jersey' was because of what Shahid Kapoor has done for the success of 'Kabir Singh'. He has been a very passionate artist. The speed was less than he could handle. But it is good to see in the film that the stability has come in Shahid. This yearning for heroes who look like heroes augurs well for the Hindi film industry. It will be difficult to write the strength with which Shahid has lived the character of Arjun Talwar, but in front of the couch, in front of friends, in front of their son, in front of his girlfriend, or in front of his wife, the pain, happiness that Shahid expressed about Arjun Talwar. He has lived a sense of belongingness and innocence, that is commendable. Shahid Kapoor's acting in a terrific film, 'Jersey'. And, the rest of the cast of the film are no less.

Pankaj, Mrinal and Ronit

It is a pleasure to see Pankaj Kapoor on the big screen after a long time. Pankaj Kapur, who became the coach of his son Shahid Kapoor, is brilliant in every frame. In Arjun Talwar's journey of some 10 years and then 25 years after that, Pankaj Kapur has lived different phases of age just through his voice. He looks 'beautiful'. His acting is more beautiful than that. The image of Mrunal Thakur is now surpassing that of the heroine doing small roles. From the character of a dead South Indian girl to a Punjabi boy to the wife and mother running the house alone, Mrinal has lived hard. And, the film also stars Ronit Kamra, who plays Arjun and Vidya's son. When asked by his father, what should he do? The ease with which Kittu can claim his father as his hero is amazing. Yes, they found the dialogues very bookish somewhere.

Gautam's Kaivalya

'Jersey' is the third film in director Gowtham Tinnanuri's career total. He had also made the last film on the same story with the same name in Telugu. He has rectified the mistakes of that film in this Hindi film. Along with the artists, the technical team has also chosen better this time. If Gautam keeps choosing similar stories of human emotion and thoughts and the actors of Hindi cinema are ready to work with him without tantrums, then there is hope for better cinema from him in the coming days. Anil Mehta's cinematography reflects his three decades of experience. Naveen Nooli has not left any weak corner in his editing. And, the film has icing on the cake with music by Sachet Parampara and background music by Anirudh Ravichander. If a composer gets a chance to compose music by connecting to the story of a film, he makes music like 'Jersey'. The music of this film is very melodious, melodious, and memorable.

Watch is Not

And, now the matter is whether to watch the film or not to watch it. You also watch this film. Show your son. Take his mother along. And, if possible, take your father with you. Do show this film to those who keep questioning your enthusiasm and passion at every turn.


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