'Turning Red Movierulz' - Watch: Turning Red 2022 Hollywood Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyright'Turning Red Movierulz' - Watch: Turning Red 2022 Hollywood Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

'Turning Red Movierulz' - Pixar takes another step on its way away from the tired princesses with a feature film that takes Toronto at the beginning of the millennium as a unique setting for its story. The generational conflict is once again the central axis of this new narrative that tells us about the Lee family, owners of the oldest temple in Toronto, and their devotion to their ancestors. His only daughter, Meilin, is the perfect child. A studious 13-year-old girl who combines her work at the temple with flute lessons and the increasingly abundant homework of school.

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It is at school where Meilin shows how she really is. A girl with an overwhelming, fun, unstoppable personality... and with the help of her friends, each with her own personality and style, they are able to face anything and get out of the not-so-hard life in high school. Everything changes when one fine day Meilin begins to think about boys in a way that she, until now, had reserved for the members of 4-Town, the boy band that has everyone with their hormones unleashed. That will be the turning point that will unleash the entire plot of the film.

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blessed adolescence

'Turning Red' puts the focus point of the generational conflict on Mei-Mei and her friends, moving away from that plot of half-hearted lies and deceit that we saw in Charm and opting for a more optimistic point of view. The presence of a smaller number of characters than in the misadventures of the Madrigal family makes the narrative more complete. It focuses better on the group of girls and delves into the personality of each one, their relationship, and what unites them during their time in high school. Pixar thus achieves a much more bearable and fun rhythm, escaping from the songs as a way of explaining the plot and focusing on the facts and the dialogues. On what is happening right now on the screen. All this gives rise to a lot of funny situations in which it is impossible to avoid a laugh.

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The main group works very well both together and separately, being the central axis around which the rest of the characters orbit, including classmates, parents, and even Mei-Mei's distant family. This does not prevent us from seeing an evolution in all of them as the story unfolds, in which there are some very predictable secrets that far from bothering to make it pleasant to be able to anticipate what will happen next to enjoy, above all, the development of events.

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From girl to woman?

One of the elements that most attracts Turning Red's attention is how she dares to openly speak about some taboos from several centuries ago, especially related to adolescence. Beyond menstruation and pads, the Big TopicTM for those of us who have daughters around that age, Turning Red also tells us about strong girls, unleashed hormones, and sexual attraction. Those first feelings have more to do with chocolate bars in the stomach and languid looks than with princes from foreign lands capable of killing a dragon or waking up with a kiss of love to a stranger. The unleashed and direct tone with which the film deals with these issues is, by far, the best of Turning Red. Thus, the most striking thing, that red panda that stars on the cover of the film, becomes a mere excuse with which to count the story to all audiences, thus building what is undoubtedly the best metaphor that Disney has created to date.

After directing Bao and becoming the first woman to direct a Pixar short, Domee Shi takes everything she's learned and pours it into the script and direction of Turning Red. With unabashed elegance and in a very direct way, she offers us work that can be enjoyed by all kinds of the public. Although it is especially aimed at adolescent audiences and is ideal to watch as a family at this age, the youngest members of the household will laugh out loud at the loudest moments while those of us who already have gray hair can learn a thing or two about respecting children themselves and let them be who they really are. A lesson that Luca could already enjoy and that it never hurts to remember, especially at such sensitive ages in which we must remember that we are not the owners of our children, only companions in the first steps of their great adventure.

Want to keep watching this Pixar

Pixar demonstrates again in Turning Red that it works better without pressure when the launch is not 'so important and does not have a large budget behind it and the need to become the next big blockbuster. After Onward and Encanto, which were fair to me in what they wanted to tell, Red repeats Luca's magic again. Domee Shi manages to sign a film that tells us about tradition, adolescence, magic, and family, without all this being a tremendous tostón and making us laugh during the more than 90 minutes that the work lasts and that leaves us wanting more. . However, it is beyond the laughter and the good time that watching her entails where Red hides her true jewels. Lessons that tell us about girls who can get angry and suffer fits of rage just like any boy, father, and mother who limit themselves to repeating the mistakes they suffered in the past and that transition from girl to woman that should be nothing more than a physiological function and not the sign of a first step towards the overrated maturity.

Visually, Turning Red works with a graphic style very similar to what we already saw in Bao, more refined and loaded with nods to other Pixar works but with its own personality that makes it something very special within the studio's catalog. The design of Mei-Mei and her friends in that passage from childhood to adolescence, the appearance of the family and even that of the members of 4-Town tell a story through their features, their accessories, and their style. . Something on which the animation is based, sometimes realistic, sometimes crazy, jumping from the real to the magical but with an equally outstanding result in everything it shows on the screen.

In short, Turning Red proposes a story suitable for all types of audiences, or at least for all audiences who don't live in the past. A film that leaves you with the feeling of being a better person after having seen it and that has left me with a mad desire to see it again, this time in the company of my ten-year-old daughter and my partner, to be able to calmly comment on everything that comes out of it. It is more than possible that the sensitivity is not the same for all viewers and that being able to enjoy some or other elements of it depends a lot on the family situation. However, the laughs are guaranteed and it is impossible to finish watching this movie without falling head over heels in love with the great work of Shi and her team.


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