Jhund Movierulz - Watch: Jhund 2022 Hindi Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightJhund Movierulz - Watch: Jhund 2022 Hindi Movie Review in 3Movierulz

Jhund Movierulz - Watch: Jhund 2022 Hindi Movie Review in 3Movierulz - The story of the film 'Jhund' is of one line in which a coach sets out to team up a 'Jhund' of the marginalized people of the society. And, at least it succeeds. The question is, how many such coaches can make a society just by watching cinema and who did great things to change the society by broadcasting Ambedkar's policies in the society, how much did they change themselves and how much work did they do to bring society at par? Small incident but timely for here. The scavengers of our society are regularly respected. They are clothed with flowers. To make themselves big, everyone also gives them cash money. This time everything was happening in front of me, so I saw something else in his eyes. All of a sudden I gathered everyone and sat among them. Arms spread on the shoulders. Hug and the gleam in his eyes after that, I thought this was what he wanted. They are not eager to sit together and have food on election occasions. This 'Jhund' yearns to get a chance to walk together, stand together and sit together every day.

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The film 'Jhund' is a film determining a commentary. From the first chapter of the film, the audience knows what he is about to watch. This story has been shown in many films before. Is a stubborn coach. There are all spoiled children. Some people curse the coach time and again. His fight goes on everywhere outside the house. Sometimes against the system and sometimes against the society. Nagraj Manjule also makes some efforts to bring a twist in this running on the leak. But the path still remains the same as the trails on the banks of the river. He is a nomad. But, if the director's destination is not there, then even the cinema could not reach the stage. Manjule has achieved the same proficiency in showing the condition of Dalits as the directors of films like 'Damul' and 'Paar' who were once marginalized in Hindi cinema by giving them the status of parallel cinema. Manjule must keep pace with the generation of the changing times. From that generation that hardly believes in caste, creed, religion, class distinction. This is the generation that the attacks on Ukraine do not allow to sleep. And which begs the question, why does a country that keeps trying to become a Vishwaguru become neutral when it comes to its chance?

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Well, time writes history for those who are neutral. It is also being written that what is so wrong in our system is that thousands of students do not get the chance to become doctors in the country. Here the matter is of those settlements whose youth are not getting a chance to become human. Society is simply sticking chips on their foreheads according to their antics. Nobody cares about their dreams. Don't even care what their real abilities are? Amitabh Bachchan got the most popular name on the big screen Vijay has been the biggest rebel of the society in cinema. Here too he rebels and manages to convert this 'Jhund' into a team. Now his age is starting to show in the moves of Amitabh Bachchan. Despite this, it is his monologues that still drag the audience to his cinema. He has been striving to bridge parallel cinema and commercial cinema from the very beginning of his career, and for this, he deserves less praise.

In the film 'Jhund', you will also see many other actors whose faces are familiar. Rinku Rajguru is now well recognized by the audience of the Hindi belt. He is also accompanied by the partner of the film 'Sairat'. But, the cloak of both is still the same as before. Yes, Keshav Kadam, who shines in 'Fandry', has definitely made a big leap in this film as an actor. The music of Maharashtra is passionate. Ajay Atul is considered it's master. He also manages to keep the tempo of the film high. But its background music sometimes misses out on sync with the story of the film. Cinematographer Sudhakar has succeeded in showing the entire undercurrent of the film 'Jhund' according to its director. The editing of the film is weak. A three-hour-long film 'Jhund' could have been a good OTT film of shorter duration. But, then perhaps there would have been a danger of getting lost somewhere like 'Vaikuntha'. The biggest challenge of Nagraj Manjule's future cinema will be to keep pace with the choice of the cinematographers of the changing era and to speak only based on story-based cinema.


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