'Ghani' entry into Pan India Movies inspired by 'Pushpa' movie - 3Movierulz

copyright'Ghani' entry into Pan India Movies inspired by 'Pushpa' movie - 3Movierulz

'Ghani' starring Mega Prince Varun Tej as the protagonist movie. Several release dates have also been announced and postponed. Films before and after Ghani have also been released. But 'Ghani' takes postpone.

It was finally announced that it would be released on February 25th. But did not come to that date. And what is the reason for this delay? With what kind of strategy does `Ghani` come forward to the audience? There is an interesting debate going on over that.

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The interesting thing in this context is the leak. Information that there is a plan to release Ghani on a large scale in the Pan India category. `Ghani` is a boxing-themed film. Varun Tej will impress in the role as a boxer.

Bollywood actors like Sai Manjrekar and Sunil Shetty has also been cast in the arena as per the demand of the script. These two characters are very crucial in the film. There is already talk that the boxing match between Sunil Shetty and Varun will be a special attraction. Foreign technicians also worked for the film.

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Allu Arvind's son Bobby is introducing himself as a producer with the same film. There are so many specialties in a movie like this. It is against this backdrop that Inside Talk is reportedly preparing to release the film on a large scale in the Pan India category.

For that reason, it is rumored that there is a large-scale release plan in the South as well as the North in view of the exact release date. There is no telling what kind of success `Pushpa`, which was recently released in the Pan India category, has achieved.

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Achieved unprecedented gains in Hindi Belt. The film, which was released only in Telugu, was a movie that shook the Bollywood box office. It has also done well in the South Region. There is a lot of hype that these positive vibes are taking `Ghani` towards the Pan India release.

That is why there are rumors that `Ghani` is being postponed. Locked up on April 8th. Can all sorts of clearances be prepared for release by then? What is the reality behind the release of Pan India? Clarity is likely to come in a few more days.


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