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copyrightDirector Chethan Speaks About Making Of James Movie - 3Movierulz

Directed by Chetan Kumar starring Puneet Rajkumar's 'James' Cinema is set to release on March 17.

* By the end of October 2021, James' shooting of the movie was the most complete. What were your plans at the time?

A Duet Song had to do. The duet song Appu Sir was very appealing. As it turned out, there was little-to-little patchwork. The dubbing had not started. Shivanna asked Sir. So much effort to keep Puneeth Rajkumar Sir's Voice. Since ours is an outdoor shooting aesthetic, there is noisy aesthetics. Thus, it could not be retained. Shivanna had appealed to him. He kept dubbing. Hats off to Shivanna. It's not hard to give voice to a film starring her older brother. Hagnodre, dubbing is hard. We did 7-8 voice attempts. But, Shivanna Kotmale is a relief for us. Thank you also to Raghanna, Yakandre, Shivanna, and Raghanna both acted in the film.

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* How was the thought that Raganna and Shivanna should be included in the title of James?

Dodman fans have a desire to see three people together in the same movie. I thought I should shoot those characters in Pumpkin Time. Appu sir would have been so much fun. I was very, very MissMellandV at that time. Not forgetting in Life That Day. Water was in everyone's eyes on the set that day.

* Yuvraj Kumar also sings.

That's the special line. If their voice is good, you feel good. They agreed and sang. Thanks to Yuvraj Kumar.

* About Trademark Song.

This song was very much up to Sir. He does not like praise. There is no song for it. Then there are the lines that I have so much requested and saved. Hagnodre, he has not agreed to any of these songs. But, my good fortune he acknowledged.

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* Puneeth Rajkumar's birthday on his birthday

Discussions with Appu sir about the dates. That's what they said - no movie was released for a birthday, let's do it. No Birthday No. Let's Make Roy's Day Mobile (March 17, Thursday). Thus, that date was our target.

* Censor Board Appreciates Watching Cinema.

Yes, there was water in everyone's eyes. Appu sir is in the heads of everyone who comes out to see the cinema.

* Puneet Rajkumar puts risky stunts, tuffs in James'...

Yes, so many risky stunts have been done. Performed without dupe, without the rope. Their body is very flexible. Their stunts are fun to watch. Seeing his action performance so often, I forgot the cut.

A memorable incident with Puneet Rajkumar…

We were set in the Palace Ground. It rains wherever we set. Set for the third time, we have completed shooting. Knight did not get bored, even when shooting. He has been very supportive of us. At midnight theirs was a smiley face. His smile is bright, as seen in any photo.

* Producer is also a big fan of Appu

Yes for James fans of cinema. No other film has been accepted by the producers since 2015. I was waiting for the picture to be made for Appu sir.

* October 29 .. Darkest Day...

We visited Appu Sir the whole week. They can't annoy me still. A friend was listening to me. Fear is wrong. No more pain in life than pain. The pain is like a dead end. No death has ever hurt me.

* Have you spent 4 months without appu, on the other hand, it's a big responsibility for James'... How to handle it...

It's challenging. Received and handled everything. Appu sir always said a word - whatever the pressure is, it should be taken as a pleaser. Thus, we are taking care of ourselves as a Pleasure.

* What Can Fans Expect Through James James?

Appu sir alone in everyone's head. I mean, nobody is expecting anything. I want everyone to see Sir. To see Appu sir, to see him in the film. Appu sir is covered.


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