Super Machi Telugu Movie Review

copyrightSuper Machi Telugu Movie Review

Mega son-in-law Kalyan Dev's movie 'Vijeta' came together moderately. Although it was not a commercial hit, it did not seem to matter as an actor. However, Kalyan Dev had to wait a long time to bring the second film to the audience. He came forward to the audience with the movie 'Super Machi' for the whole.

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Kalyan Dev appears in the role of Raju. Kannada heroine Rachita Ram appears in the character of Meenakshi. Meenakshi loves the Raju as much as she loves her father (Rajendra Prasad). But the Raju does not care about Meenakshi. Meenakshi loves not seeing a person in the past. But the father wants to marry the Raju as per his wish.

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Raju, is a boy who sings and hangs out with friends without any responsibility and sings songs in the bar. How did love set up between Meenakshi, a software employee? Why did the Raju reject Meenakshi's love? What were the Raju's attempts to get rid of Meenakshi? Seems to have become interesting.

However, the love story of this triangle does not seem to impress the audience. It seems that the heroine is in love with an unknown person and the hero is in the same situation. Rajendra Prasad and VK Naresh's acting in this film is said to be gone.

The film does not seem to be of any use to Kalyan Dev. For Rachita Ram, this debut seems to be a bittersweet experience. Director Puli Vasu seems to have hesitated to turn the chosen point into an emotional love journey, a feel-good love story. However, the absence of any objectionable and obscene scenes in the film is a bit reassuring.


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