With a long beard and muscles: DC star is hardly recognizable in a picture for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom - 3movierulz

copyrightWith a long beard and muscles: DC star is hardly recognizable in a picture for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom - 3movierulz

Who is this shaggy guy at director James Wan's side who looks like Tom Hanks' missing brother in "Cast Away"? In "Aquaman" Patrick Wilson was still clean-shaven, in "Aquaman 2" that now seems to change

Dc's Aquaman sequel 'Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom' a lot seems to be different. Patrick Wilson, who plays the half-brother of the title character in "Aquaman", apparently gets rid of his merman suit completely in Part 2.

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Director James Wan posted a picture of himself and Wilson on Instagram, on which the actor is unrecognizable. Not because he's not wearing anything but tattered trousers, but rather because his face is covered with a long beard. As for the muscles: He must have had them in part 1 of the comic book adaptation, but they were never seen under the suit of Ocean Master...

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Why does Orm look like this in "Aquaman 2" and whether he can find his way back to his immaculately groomed self? Of course, Wan is silent about this. At the end of "Aquaman", Aquaman and his half-brother, who turned out to be the big villain of the film, fought a fight. Aquaman, of course, won, became the rightful ruler of Atlantis - and Orm ended up in captivity. His rotten look on the set photo seems to indicate that this imprisonment lasted a long time

Image Credit: Dc

Orm, the villain from Part 1, is in "Aquaman 2" again, but this time it shouldn't be the main villain. This role probably falls to Black Manta whom we also know from “Aquaman”.

'Aquaman And The Lost Kingdoms' will be released in theaters on December 15, 2022. The title suggests that the lost seventh kingdom of Atlantis will play a role in the sequel. According to James Wan, "Aquaman 2" is also significantly more horror-heavy than the first part - and Wan knows a lot about horror.


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