In another darker version of The Suicide Squad film, this character did not arrive alive at the end

copyrightIn another darker version of The Suicide Squad film, this character did not arrive alive at the end

‘SPOILERS’! The following news item contains ‘spoilers’ for The Suicide Squad.

James Gunn has already warned fans that deaths would be the order of the day in The Suicide Squad. At the beginning of the film, many characters perish upon arrival at Corto Maltese, where they must carry out the mission entrusted by Amanda Waller in exchange for a reduction in their sentence.

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Of all the villains featured in the film, only four of them make it to the end alive: Harley Quinn, Ratcatcher 2, Bloodsport, and King Shark. To these survivors, we must add, thanks to the information provided by the two post-credit scenes of the film, Weasel and Peacemaker. However, James Gunn has recognized that there was another version of the film, more "dark", in which there was an important change.

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"No. That never happened," James Gunn begins at Variety when asked if he considered killing characters like Harley Quinn or Bloodsport. "But there was a change. In the original ending of the presentation I did, one of the main characters died and one of the main characters did not die. And the main character who died was Ratcatcher 2. She was so sweet that I felt it was too much. It's not that we don't want Polka-Dot Man. We do. I just couldn't kill Ratcatcher 2. So I gave in, "he concludes.

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Ratcatcher 2 is undoubtedly the heart of the film. Daniela Melchior's character shows empathy and sensitivity that the rest of her classmates do not have. Although the death of Polka-Dot Man is also sad, the truth is that she is more bearable. Imagine getting excited with the moment in which Ratcatcher 2 leads all the rats in the city to finish off Starro, see the flashback of her being a child next to hers, her father, her Ratcatcher and then be the witness of death her. As James Gunn says, it would be something much darker.


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