Bangaru Bullodu 2021 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightBangaru Bullodu 2021 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

Movie: Bangaru Bullodu

Star Cast: Allari Naresh, Pooja Jhaveri

Director: P. V. Giri

Producer: Sunkara Ramabrahmam, Ajay Sunkara

Music: Sai Karthik

Run Time: 2 Hr 9 Mins

Release Date: 23 January 2021

Entertainment film specialist Allari Naresh has released a new film titled 'Bangaru Bullodu'. The film was directed by Nandini Nursing Home fame Giri Palika. The film was released (23 January 2021) today. And let's go into the review and find out how much this movie has impressed the audience!

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What problems did Bhavani Prasad face in trying to rectify a mistake made by his grandfather? What was the mistake his grandfather had made so far? How did Kanaka fall in love with Mahalakshmi during this sequence? What did she do for his love? What is the problem with their love? How did Bhavani Prasad finally solve the mistake made by his grandfather? You have to watch this movie on the silver screen to know things like.

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Plus points:

Directed by Giri Palika, the film has scenes reminiscent of the smell of the countryside in a rural setting, as well as some elements of bonds and kinship. Allari Naresh, who played the hero in this movie, acted well to suit his role. Naresh did very well in the coming scenes in an attempt to correct the mistake made by his grandfather. Also, the comedy scenes are good.

Also starring Satyam Rajesh, Prabhas Sreenu, and Praveen in other key roles, he performed well in some comedy scenes. Especially impressed with their dialogue delivery. Pooja Zaveri opposite Naresh impresses with her glamor as the heroine in this movie. Posani, who played the pivotal role, entertains with his expressions and his style modulation as he appears in the film. Similarly, the rest of the cast and crew did justice to their roles.

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Technical Department:

Speaking of technicians .. director Giri failed miserably as a writer .. even though he seemed to be okay in some places as a director. It has nothing to do with the script he wrote. The songs provided by the music director were also not good. However, the Swatimuthyam Song is impressive. In the same way, the background score also seems to be okay in some key scenes. If the editor had still trimmed the unnecessary scenes tight, the boredom in the film would have been greatly reduced. The cinematography is good. Some of the pellet visuals are very natural as well as very beautiful. No longer do the production values ​​adopted by the producer matter.

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The film failed to impress the audience with its comedy scenes in a serious point called 'Bangaru Bullodu' and the storyline to give priority to emotions. The storytelling is unimpressive, the comedy scenes uninteresting, and the conflict-free family emotions... For some reason, this film is not impressive.


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